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Networking Technologies: From Launch to the Cloud

QUICK TO ADVANCE, NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES SLOW TO ADAPT From Launch to the Cloud HISTORY OF NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES 1973 Developed at 1975 Patent filed Xerox PARC by Xerox PARC Ethernet The local area network family 3COM 1980 "The Blue Book" 1979 Ethernet inventor published Robert Metcalfe founds 3Com The basis of Ethernet standards Convinces Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, and Xerox to cooperatively promote Ethernet as a standard 3Com ships its first 10 Mbit/s Ethernet IEEE 802.3 approved and 10Mbps standardized 1981 1983 transceiver 100,000+ Ethernet adapter ......... cards sold by 3Com 1985 InfiniBand A low-latency, high-bandwidth interconnect used in thousands of 1995 Standardization of 100Mbps data centers and high-performance compute clusters and now cloud computing environments. "Fast Ethernet" InfiniBand originates as the result of a merger of two competing designs: 1999 Metro Ethernet Forum -Future I/O -Next Generation I/O Originally envisioned as a "system area network" that would connect CPUS and provide all high speed I/O for "back-office" applications. 2001 founded Dedicated to worldwide adoption of Ethernet networks and services Mellanox M Mellanox founded TECHNOLOGIES METROthernet Forum Oracle Corporation, HP, and IBM release database and network storage systems utilizing InfiniBand Infrastructure 2008 Mellanox evolves into a producer of end-to-end systems 2009 2002-10 Slower rate of innovation and ubiquitous adoption ====== Standardization of 40Gbps and and 100Gbps Scale-out network storage manufacturers increasingly adopt InfiniBand as primary cluster interconnect for modern NAS designs 2010 2010 FDR (fourteen data rate-56Gbps) switches and adapters announced at the International Supercomputing Conference 2011 (intel Intel purchases QLogic's InfiniBand business; EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) announced 2012 by InfiniBand Trade Association Cloud Computing Provider ProfitBricks launches laas platform with Mellanox's 2013 Ethernet turns 40 years old InfiniBand interconnects with standard 80Gbps networking PROFITBRICKS i The laas-Company. USE CASES Home Office to Large Office to Data Centers to the Cloud Data Centers Large Data Centers, Research Laboratories, Cloud Computing Data Centers & Public Clouds Supercomputers PROS OF EACH EXTREMELY FAST, SUPERIOR ULTRA-LOW LOW-COST RELIABLE PERFORMANCE LATENCY I...... EASY TO MANY HIGHLY PRICE INSTALL PRODUCERS EFFICIENT COMPETITIVE GUARANTEED LOW POWER MESH-BASED FLEXIBLE DELIVERY CONSUMPTION TOPOLOGY ARCHITECTURE Computing Benchmark Test Results: Iperf Benefits of InfiniBand Based Clouds I Ethernet (Amazon) VS. I InfiniBand (ProfitBricks) Server to Server Networks running at 80Gbps 6,358 7,000 5,095 X Server to Storage Networks running at 80Gbps 6,000 5,000 X Big Data Projects w/ Extreme Performance 4,000 3,000 X Hadoop Clusters w/ Extreme Performance 2,000 301 311 1,000 Lower Latency for Extreme Application Performance m1.xlarge m1.medium 1 VCPU/3.75GB RAM 4 VCPU/15GB RAM PROFITBRICKS: IAAS NETWORKED WITH INFINIBAND = PRICE/PERFORMANCE LEADER %3D Sources PROFITBRICKS ki The laaS-Company. N NOWSOURCING .......... E

Networking Technologies: From Launch to the Cloud

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This Infographic presents a timeline illustrating the respective history and advantages of Ethernet and InfiniBand, as well as some specific use cases and performance testing results.


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