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The Multilingual Net

Не Grülgott नमसूते THE MULTILINGUAL NET Bonsou A look at languages and the internet 00 Teiá oou नमस्ते HELLO 今日 は 00 QUICK STATS SPANISH CHINESE ARABIC 50 100 150 200 250 300 42% of all internet users Over the last 10 years, English are geographically located in Asia - languages of these users range from Chinese to English and Spanish and Chinese use on the web has increased by 7 & 12 fold respectively in the last decade. Arabic content on the internet has increased by up to 300%. A high number considering the internet's language was English at inception. online has increased to more. over 2500%. LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY THE WORLD'S 2.2 BILLION INTERNET USERS LANGUAGE PERCENTAGE % OTHER |28 CHINESE |23 |18 ENGLISH E SPANISH E 9. JAPANESE • BR-PORTUGUESE O 4. GERMAN RUSSIAN FRENCH KOREAN TURKISH O ARABIC E 1 LANGUAGES OF WEBSITE CONTENT SPANISH 5% OTHER 10% RUSSIAN 5% FRENCH 5% ENGLISH 57% GERMAN 7% CHINESE 5% PR* 2% JAPANESE 5% ITALIAN 2% *PR: Portuguese AVERAGE NUMBER OF LANGUAGES GLOBAL WEBSITES SUPPORT 30 25 20 15 10 The average number of languages supported by websites around the world is quickly increasing each year doubling by the time it's 2011 compared to 2005. 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 TOP 25 GLOBAL WEBSITES 2 3 4 Cısco SYSTEMS Google facebook SAMSUNG 10 эм NIVEA PHILIPS symantec. The top 25 global websites are made up of the best user-friendly sites from around the world - that is, 11. Autodesk 19. Microsoft 12. TripAdvisor 20. Coca-Cola 13. Nikon 21. Panasonic 14. Wikipedia 15. HP 16. American Express 22. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 23. Caterpillar sites that support multiple languages, countries and appeal to local markets as if they were originally intended for those 24. Yahoo! 17. LG 25. SAP 18. Avon countries. 70% of the top 10 companies featured in this list use blue in their logo. Get in touch: Sources: anecsys [email protected] Connect: © Copyright 2012 / Anecsys Translation

The Multilingual Net

shared by anecsys on Oct 08
A look at languages and the internet. Info covering global internet users, the languages they speak and how the web currently accommodates to these languages.


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