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More of the Crazy Things People Search for in Google

MORE OF THE CRAZY S**T PEOPLE Search for on Google Back in March we created an Infographic highlighting the random (read weird) things people search for in Google It was an instant hit, being published on some of the biggest websites in the world, earning 39,000 shares and crashing our website. So, once again we have fired up Google's Keyword Planner tool, and researched the craziest things people search in for Google. Am I How to Sext pregnant? 22,200 60,500 avg monthly searches avg monthly searches Looks like 16 and Pregnant is going to be on air for a very LONG TIME! Imagine the spin-off? 32 and a Grandma. #TheCircleofLife How to delete search history How to cook Meth Google search history methedrine 6,600 6,600 avg monthly searches avg monthly searches Seems like Breaking Bad has inspired a new generation to break out their beakers, gloves and underground meth labs. At least they're smart enough to cover their online tracks! #Heisenberg4Ever! How to become famous How to twerk 33,100 165,000 avg monthly searches avg monthly searches Tight + Wedgie + Work = Twerk. Did you know that twerking was invented by a 42 year old man who tried to remove his wedgie at work using no hands? What was Miley's excuse then? #FirstTwerkProblems Should I How to get a tattoo? remove tattoos 2,400 1,900 avg monthly searches avg monthly searches Tattooing 101: Make sure you proofread your design - your body does not have autocorrect. Nothing is worse than getting a tattoo that says: No Rugrats. Unless you love Nickelodeon! What is the Iam bored meaning of life? 60,500 74,500 avg monthly searches avg monthly searches Life: Feeling bored? Count to a 100 while I hide. Find me, l'll let you live for eternity! Anonymous: What if I don't want to live for eternity? Life: Then YOLO. Duh. What is How to Facebook? delete Facebook DELFTE 22,200 90,500 avg monthly searches avg monthly searches We all know you're just going to temporarily deactivate your Facebook and get back online with a selfie saying "I'm back! Anyone miss me?!" #NobodyMissedYou Can I I kissed marry my cousin? my brother 590 720 avg monthly searches avg monthly searches Mobile phones can be such fiddly gadgets! Someone texted "I'm in luv with u xoxo" to their second cousin that was actually meant for his first cousin; but hey, close enough! #TextendedFamily Jump the shark 9,900 avg monthly searches This classic Happy Days idiom may hold some relevance to this follow up infographic. Alarmingly, it was lost on some of the younger staff members here at Search Factory! What is wrong with the youth of today? #ayyyyyyy SEARCHFACTORY Get Ranked!

More of the Crazy Things People Search for in Google

shared by JaredSF2014 on Jul 16
This data was collected via Google's Keyword Planner tool using exact match targeting. The statistics represent the average monthly world-wide search volume.




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