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Moore's Law

5.000 MHZ Y781 WHAT IS MOORE'S LAW? TRANSISTORS, KEY PROCESSORS, YEARS First postulated in a 1965 paper by Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore, Moore's Law states that the transistor count in TRANSISTORS Processor TOSHIBA 1978 29,000 8086 (original IBM PC) integrated circuits... MOORE'S 1982 1985 1989 1.2 million 134,000 80286 (286) DOUBLE'S n DOUBLE'S 275,000 80386 (386) LAW every YEARS 80486 (486) Although Moore's Law is only an observation rather than an actual law, it's held approximately true ever since. 1993 3.1 million 1997 7.5 million 2000 42 million 2006 291 million Pentium THE LAW ยป Pentium I| describes an exponential growth in the number of transistors due to improved design and manufacturing methods. An original Intel 8080 processor from 1974 contained around 4,500 transistors. In 1993 the first Pentium contained 3.1 million transistors, and today a high-end PC processor might have around Pentium 4 3 billion Core 2 Duo number of transistors time 2008 731 million Core i7 (quad core) MOORE'S LAVW & THE FUTURE 2013 2.3 billion Core i7 (six core) after which WHAT DO WE EXPECTO OF THE FUTURE MOORE himself acknowledged that manufacturers would eventually reach the ATOMIC LEVEL 2015... transistors as we understand them E15757 can't get any smaller. DIMM

Moore's Law

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Back in 1965, Intel's George Moore observed that the speed of computers was doubling roughly every 18 months. Almost 50 years later, Moore's Law has stood the test of time.




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