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Mobile Security Mayhem: Unisys Security Index

MOBILE SECURITY MAYHEM More people are using personal mobile devices at work than ever before - causing major security headaches for organizations MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS ARE SKYROCKETING AND DEVICES HAVE MORE FEATURES THAN EVER BEFORE Global mobile subscribers 6 BILLION GOOGLE & VISA ANNOUNCE MOBILE WALLET SERVICE OVER 25 BILLION APPS HAVE BEEN DOWNLOADED 5 BILLION FROM APPLE'S APP STORE ANDROID OS IS LAUNCHED O App Store 4 BILLION APPLE'S FIRST IPAD 3 BILLION APPLE'S FIRST IPHONE 2 BILLION 1 BILLION 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 BY 2013 There will be more mobile-connected devices than people Incoming Code QRz18t 2020 There will be 50 billion internet-connected devices MORE PEOPLE ARE USING PERSONAL MOBILE DEVICES TO ACCESS SECURE BUSINESS SYSTEMS.. iWorkers who say that mobile devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) are their most critical work devices 33% iWorkers who use personal mobile devices to increase 65% 53% access business 44% applications grew 33% from 2010 to 2011 2010 2011 2012 .WHICH IS CREATING BIG SECURITY GAPS WITHIN ORGANIZATIONS iWorkers who say they don't think about the security of the network when using business applications on their mobile devices. UK 23% of organizations experienced data loss in the last 12 months BELGIUM 51% 20% SPAIN 28% from insecure mobile Unisys Security Index Statistics device usage 32% of Americans prefer a simple password to access business applications, one of the least effective protections 45% of Australians are not very concerned about unauthorized access to critical data Unisys Security Index Statistic Unisys Security Index Statistic 23% of Hong Kong citizens have used free public WiFi for work purposes in the last year 60% of New Zealanders are concerned about unauthorized access to critical data, yet are most likely to use free public WiFi to access this data Unisys Security Index Statistic Unisys Security Index Statistic ORGANIZATIONS CAN ADDRESS THESE CONCERNS BY IMPLEMENTING LAYERS OF MOBILE SECURITY PASSWORDS SECURE ARE SECURE IF A CERTAIN DEGREE OF COMPLEXITY IS USED In review of a recent security breach on a large media company, it was discovered that over SECURITY TIP A PASSPHRASE is a phrase that is easy to remember, encoded into password that's very hard to guess. 3,000 USERS 123456' HAD THE Example: Indy 500 cars go crazy fast! becomes 1500cgcf! PASSWORD 2,000 USERS 'password' HAD THE PASSWORD HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BREAK PASSWORDS WITH... 6 CHARACTERS 9 CHARACTERS lowercase: 5 minutes 2 months UPPERCASE & lowercase: 5.49 hours 88 years with numb3rs & symbo!s: 8.5 days 19,985 years BIOMETRICS MORE SECURE SECURE DEVICES BY USERS' CHARACTERISTICS OR TRAITS IRIS • Most reliable, it is impossible to find FACE two irises that are alike • Uses built-in camera on laptop or smartphone • Analyzes video frames to confirm the identity of the user FINGERPRINT VOICE • Captures digital 'pictures' of your fingerprint • Uses built-in microphone on laptop or smartphone • Analyzes unique pitch, tone and cadence HAND • Captures the differences between valleys and length of fingers KEYSTROKE • Identifies unique ways each person types on a keyboard MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION MOST SECURE REQUIRES AT LEAST T wO OF THE FOLLOWING FOUR FACTORS SOMETHING YOU HAVE, SOMETHING YOU KNOW, SOMETHING YOU ARE, SOMETHING YOU RECEIVE Incoming Code QRz18t I.D. CARD HERE ARE 3 TIPS FROM OUR SECURITY PROS ON SECURING MOBILE DEVICES IN THE ENTERPRISE L- Always use a PIN or Password to unlock your phone Enable remote data wipe features in the event your phone is lost or stolen he greater the variety of characters the better the security, for example: "alltracks" is poor, "a11Tracks" is better, ".A11+Track$." is best your password, UNİSYS SOURCES 1H 2012 Unisys Security Index | Downloads-Top-25-Billion.html | 520862.html | | | OD+Security+Enterprise | upper-casing-password-frustrate-hackers- attempts-breaking-account.html#ixzzIrq2nsUjE | | biometrics.html | | up-to-10-million-cyber-attacks-daily |

Mobile Security Mayhem: Unisys Security Index

shared by lewispr on Aug 20
Based on research from the most recent Unisys Security Index report, Unisys found that business users are accessing critical corporate data via unprotected means such as public wifi and utilizing simp...






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