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Map to Search Engine Marketing Success

Map to Search Engine Marketing Success 1. Quick Form Having an easily-accessible quick contact form (a shortened version of your main form) on each key page of your institution's website (campus location, academic programs, admissions), on the right side of the page, below the header, will aid the user in requesting information. Why there? Testing has shown this is the most effective placement. The eye travels in an 'F' pattern – ending up on the quick After adding a quick contact form to the site, a PFHE client saw a 56.6% increase in its website conversion rate. contact form. 57% Yeah, the eye travels in an F, just make sure you don't get one for your search engine marketing! For more info on the F factor, visit PFHE clients see, on average, %3D a 56% increase in conversion rate when traffic is sent to a landing page (versus their main website). 2. Landing Page Minisite. Marketing site. Microsite. Whatever you call it - utilizing landing pages for your PPC campaign is a must. By limiting the amount of information delivered and providing a clear path to conversion, you will maximize ROI. PLATTFORM HIGHER EDUCATION 3. Reporting Measuring individual campaign strategies and overall performance is critical to achieving success. Use a web analytics platform such as Google Analytics to measure traffic and user behavior on your website. Combining the traffic information with inquiry statistics will show how the website is performing from an optimization and conversion standpoint. Monitor keywords to ensure your PPC dollars are being spent efficiently. In addition, perform a matchback analysis to see which keywords and search engines produced the most enrollments (not just inquiries). This enables you to continually optimize the campaign for optimal performance and ROI. 4. Content Optimization Content is an important component to any SUccessful website or landing page. The content must "move" a prospective student and encourage "Content IS KING" them to request additional information about your institution or a specific academic program. In addition, the content should be extremely informative so that it gains traction within the search engine results pages. 5. Keywords KEYWORDS bring traffic into your site from the search engines. Once you've determined which KEYWORDS to focus on, ensure the KEYWORDS are targeted. Specific long-tailed KEYWwORDS (California school online business degree) will bring qualified traffic to your site. Including targeted KEYWORDS throughout the site content will result in higher rankings in search results, as well as show prospective students information that coincides with their search. IENOEHIGHERHIGHERHIGHERHIGHERHIGHERHIGHER 30% 6. On average, 30% of your inquiries may come from the phone number on the site. 7. Social Media i 6. Call to Ensuring a strong call-to-action is utilized throughout your Action institution's website is important. In addition to a quick contactt form, use a There are many different ways to trackable phone number placed in a integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy. prominent location on the website, in the Prospective students are header for example, as well as call-to-action increasingly looking to media to learn more about the what it represents. social phrases in the text on the individual pages. brand and Therefore, it's important to have a strela media rategic social plan and presence. You Tube is a great way to 8. Testing 8 Test, test, test. engage with your institution's community (prospective students, glumni current students, and the surrounding community) while giving your institution's brand more of a pulse. Test your content, images, in colors, layout, calls-to-action, etc. to determine the ideal combination to visitors to prospective students. Making slight adjustments to the website then tracking performance based on those changes will ensure your institution's website is performing at the highest level convert site possible. PRODUCED BY PLATTFORM Our testing has shown that adding a testimonial to your HIGHERIEDUCA TION contact form can increase your conversion rate by 3%. WE KNOW THEY CAN BE BORING, ' but numbers don't lie. \Measure your traffic.

Map to Search Engine Marketing Success

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This infographic provides tools for SEO and link building to materialize search engine marketing success. It provides 8 tips in sections such as: quick form, landing pages, and content optimization.




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