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Malware Networks

A malware delivery network gathers unsuspecting users, usually when they are visit- ing trústed sites, ánd routes them to malware, via relay, exploit and payload servers that continually shift to new domains and locations. BlueCoat Malwarę Networks The Big 5 Points of Entry Social Networking 5.2 Porno- graphy 6.7 Email 6.9 Based on The Blue Coat 2011 Mid-Year Security Report Unrated 10.5 No category associated with the entry point. The Pderrer incomplete refe data and links from non-web-based email clients. of these are due to Search Engines 39.2 Largest Malware Networks SHNAKULE ISHABOR MAX. HOSTS 4,357 1,140 AVG. HOSTS AVG. HOSTS 2,001 766 CINBRIC NAARGO VIDZEBAN МАХ. НOSTS MAX. HOSTS MAX. HOSTS 1,602 299 347 AVG. HOSTS AVG. HOSTS AVG. HOSTS 505 199 156 4,107 50 40,180 The average number of unique host names per day for the top 10 malware delivery networks The average number of malware delivery networks operating per day The average number of user requests per day for the fop 10 malware delivery networks Top 5 Points for Business Image searches are the most dangerous activity users can engage in on the web. A single defense layer, such as a firewall or anti-virus software, will leave users vulnerable to malware. 2 3. Pornography, Place- holders, Phishing. Hacking, Online Games and illegal/Question- able categories should always be blocked. Malware hosting is often found within categories that are typically allowed in acceptable use policies, such as Online Storage and Software Downloads. A real-time defense that leverages a collaborative community for intelligence is the best protection against dynamically changing malware. The Blue Coat 201 Mid-Year Security Heport examines web-based malware ecosystems, including user entry points, the networks that deliver malware BlueCoat

Malware Networks

shared by youcom on Dec 28
This infographic explains what malware networks are and how they work. Furthermore it lists the top malware networks on the web today and five importnat tips for businesses to avoid them.


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