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Malware Milestones

HISTORY OF COMPUTER VIRUSES MALWARE MILESTONES 1970 THE CREEPER WORM AND THE REAPER VIRUS SHOW UP ON ARPANET_ 1974 THE RABBIT VIRUS 1975 IS SPOTTED IN THE WILD THE PERVADING ANIMAL STARTS THE TROJAN ERA 1980 Jurgen Kraus writes his master thesis "Selbstreproduktionbei Programmen" , (Self-reproduction of programs) I | 1982 ·1983 Elk Cloner marks the first large-scale virus outbreak in history- the first Apple II virus to spread using infected floppy drives The term 'virus' is coined by Frederick Cohen in describing self-replicating computer programs 1986 1987 THE BRAIN BOOT SECTOR VIRUS VIENNA, LEIGH, JERUSALIM, SCA, BYTE BANDITAND CHRISTMAS TREE EXEC VIRUSES 1988 RALF BURGER'S BOOK "COMPUTER VIRUSES : THE DISEASE OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY" BECAME VIRUS WRITERS' BIBLE MORRIS BECOMES THE FIRST WORM TO SPREAD EXTENSIVELY "IN THE 1989 WILD" EXPLOITING BUFFER OVERRUN [?1 VULNERABILITIES GHOSTBALL, THE FIRST MULTIPARTITE VIRUS, IS BEING DISCOUERED BY FRIÐRIK SKULASON F1998 1992 Mark Hashburn and Ratt Burger develop the first famiy of potymorphic virus: tne chameteon The Michelangelo virus remains dormant on the compromised systems because it HOuld oniy strike on March 6tn. the birtn of the antist 199 Removable media triggers most of the security issues of the year Concept - the first Macro virus - is created 1996 "PLY" - DOS 16- BIT BASED COMPLICATED POLYMORPHIC VIRUS APPEARS 1998 WITH BUILT-IN PERMUTATION ENGINE 1999 THE FIRST VERSION OF THE CIH VIRUS (ALSO KNOWN AS CHERNOBYL73) APPEARS ERASING FLASH BIOS CHIP AND DESTROYING MOTHER BOARDS THE MELISSA WORM IS RELEASED, TARGETING MICROSOFT WORD AND OUTLOOK-BASED SYSTEMS 2000 2001 SİMite - a Multi-os MetaMorphic virus written İN assembly language The VBS/Loveletter ('İLOVEYOU') worM, ONE of the MOst destructive e-threats, firsty appears in the wid. SiNce then it caused 2003 loses of alMost $ 10 billion The SOL SlaMMer Sobig and the Blaster WOTMS are thought to have been used IN the first organized attempt to create large-scale BotNets 2004 2005 MYDOOM - the fastest spreading Mass Mailer worM The Zotob and Samy XSS worMs - SONY purposefully infects Music CDS with rootkits 2006 2007 OSX/Leap-A or OSX/Oompa-A - the first-ever malware for Mac OS X The Storm Worm creates one of the largest botnets in history. 2008 Zbot a.k.a Zeus is firstly in the wild Rustock, a backdoor Trojan with rootkit capabilities is discovered 2009 Rogue AV solutions are extremely popular The Downadup (a.k.a Kido or Confiker) invasion - millions of XP systems are infected Koobface starts attacking Facebook and Twitter users 2010 : 2011 Banker Trojans become extremely popular SMS.AndroidoS.FakePlayer-the first piece of malware for Android appears in the wild Android. NickiBot moves the botnet activity on mobile devices Morto-firstwormfospreadusing Windows Remote Deskfop Profocol Roofkit:Dugu.Acombines the technology implemented in Stuxnetwithanadvanced keyloggerand backdoorapplication Stuxnet cripples trantan nuclearfacilifies A PROJECT BY: Bitdefender

Malware Milestones

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The history of computer viruses.




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