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Malware - The Hidden Threat to Your Business

MALWARE: THE HIDDEN THREAT TO YOUR BUSINESS Whether it's a Trojan horse, a worm, or a virus, battling computer malware is a full-time profession for software epidemiologists. Despite the fact that they are highly sophisticated, there are simple steps you can take to safeguard your business and your data from infectious software. Take a look at recent trends in computer infection and see how a little malware can cost you more than just a little lost productivity. KNOW YOUR ENEMY MALWARE HAS BEEN AROUND FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS MOST COMMON FORMS VIRUS WORM TROJAN HORSE A program that infects a program that replicates A seemingly benign program, replicates itself, and spreads within the through computer networks without the program that creates vulnerabilities in the host computer and to other computers through user need for user contact computer, opening the machine up to unauthorized contact users across a network THE INTERNET'S MOST WANTED THE BUSINESS SECTOR'S MOST DESTRUCTIVE ATTACK YET SHAMOON In October 2012, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the "Shamoon" virus' attack on the Saudi Arabian state oil company, ARAMCO, may have been the most destructive cyber attack on a business to date More than 30,000 computers were rendered useless Replaced important system files with a burning American flag image Overwrote all real data with "garbage data" SOME OF THE (OTHER) WORST VIRUSES IN HISTORY Infected over 500,000 systems, both individuals and businesses 2000: ILOVEYOU 2003: SOBIG 25% of all e-mails sent in 2004 were suspected to be infected by the virus 2004: MYDOOM 2007: CONFICKER $0 $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 $30 $35 $40 Total cost of damages and downtime (X 1 million) ON THE FRONTLINES 05.5 BILLION 36%.INCREASE IN WEB- BASED ATTACKS e a ATTACKS WERE BLOCKED BY SYMANTEC ALONE IN 2011 ΔΛ. AAAAA x1,000 MORE THAN 4,500 NEW ATTACKS OCCURRING EVERY DAY MORE THAN 73% 4-5% OF BUSINESS E-MAILS CONTAINED MALWARE of servers hosting malicious content were in North America 950 million: Total browser-based attacks in 2011 on Kaspersky Lab products AAAA AAAA AAA A AA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAA ΔΛΛ AAAA AA AAAAA 240 million attacks occurred in the U.S. The top 20 most threatening viruses caused 830 million of these attacks IN THE SECOND QUARTER OF 2012,KASPERSKY NEUTRALIZED MORE THAN 1 BILLION ATTACKS More than 14,900 new malicious programs were added to the Kaspersky database in 3 months OF SITES EXPOSING USERS TO MALWARE ARE 0170 LEGITIMATE WEBSITES THAT HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED MALWARE'S IMPACT ON BUSINESSES The financial costs business incur due to cybercrime have increased nearly 40% over the last 3 years $8.9 MILLION: A 6% increase over 2011 CYBERCRIME'S AVERAGE COST PER and a 38% YEAR FOR U.S.ORGANIZATIONS increase over 2010 Successful attacks per week (in thousands): 120 100 $3 MILLION 80 60 40 20 Average cost to businesses attributed to abnormal customer turnover, reputation losses, and diminished 2010 2011 2012 goodwill after a data breach of data breaches are caused of companies that experience data 37% 60% by malicious or criminal loss will go out of business within 6 attacks months LEGAL COSTS $2.5 M $2.0 M - $1.5 M $1.0 M $0.5 M - $0.0 M Average cost of a Cost of average legal Average Average cost for cyber data breach defense due to a settlement crisis services cyber data breach DOWNTIME AND LOST PRODUCTIVITY The average time it takes an organization to resolve an attack is increasing: $591,780: 42% 2009 AVERAGE COST INCURRED DURING Increase 2010 over 2011 24-DAY 2011 20 25 RESOLUTION PERIOD 10 15 DAYS 93% OF COMPANIES UNABLE TO ACCESS THEIR DATA CENTER FOR OVER 10 DAYS WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS WITHIN A YEAR Information theft accounts for 44% of total external costs Lost productivity/business disruption accounts for 30% of external costs PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS EMPLOY A MULTI-LAYER SECURITY APPROACH THAT INCLUDES PROACTIVE MANAGED ANTI-VIRUS/ WEB SPAM INTRUSION FIREWALL ANTI-SPYWARE FILTERING TRACKER PREVENTION Classify and identify Employ software restriction policies to help identify running programs on POLICY confidential information to assess risks, and protect data with encryption software computers in your domains and control program execution Reduce your computer's attack surface by uninstalling unused software Ensure employees understand information protection procedures 39% $1.6 MILLION of organizations say negligence was the cause of Annual cost savings of organizations that fought off cyber attacks by deploying security information and event management (SIEM) solutions a data breach These organizations experienced much lower recovery, detection, and containment costs than organizations that didn't use SIEM solutions FOLLOW THESE STEPS AND STAY UP-TO-DATE ABOUT THE LATEST CYBER ATTACKS AND CYBER SOLUTIONS TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS SAFE WHILE YOU'RE BROWSING. SOURCES:

Malware - The Hidden Threat to Your Business

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All the information you need on how malware can affect your business and the most detrimental viruses in history.


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