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Mac Parts & Repair Problems

MAC PARTS & REPAIR þroblems EVERY MONTH, ALMOST 2 MILLION MAC PARTS ARE BROKEN Some complaints about Mac display: - cracked screen - dead pixels - no display at all Common problems about Mac keyboards are: - keys not responding - water spilled on the keys - keyboard malfunctions SCREEN 14,480 KEYBOARD 33,200 MacBool Mac users shoutouts for their touchpad problems: - touchpad suddenly stopped working - jumpy touchpad Here are a few concerns on Mac batteries: - battery is not charging anymore - battery life drains drastically - some users need a spare battery TOUCHPAD 9,680 BATTERY 63,020 Charger problems faced by Mac users: The logic board is the most crucial part of the Mac. Here is a list why Mac logic board suddenly needs replacement: - Logic board is fried - Liquid spill on the Mac Some users cry for help for - Charger is not working - Misplaced charger - Some user wants a spare their Mac hard drives: - hard drive upgrade - hard drive is malfunctioning - hard drive back up CHARGER 72,540 LOGIC BOARD 50 HARD DRIVE 4,100 BROKEN MAC PARTS PERCENTAGE ED CHARGER 37% BATTERY (32% KEYBOARD 17% O SCREEN 7% ATOUCHPAD 5% 3) HARD DRIVE 2% LOGIC BOARD 0.03% WEB SEARCH INTEREST BY COUNTRY FROM 2004-PRESENT 100 80 60 40 20 AUS CAN DNK HKG IRL MYS NLD NZL PHL SGP ZAF SWE CHE GBR USA WEB SEARCH INTEREST BY CITY FROM 2004-PRESENT 100 DENVER, USA 82 78 AUSTIN, USA SAN FRANCISCO, USA 71 LOS ANGELES, USA 68 PORTLAND, USA 56 57 NEW YORK, USA 52 SAN DIEGO, USA 46 SINGAPORE, SG 45 SEATTLE, USA 38 39 WASHINGTON, USA 34 BOSTON, USA CHICAGO, USA 36 35 TORONTO. CAN LONDON, UK MINNEAPOLIS, USA SOCIAL MEDIA Apple MacApples Follow @applerulez4ever My Mac is broken. Life is officially over... :( #PissedOff + Reply 11 Retweet * Favorite . More 10:28 AM - 23 Feb 2014 334 times! Last month, the phrase “mac is broken" has been tweeted * from February 4 to March 6, 2014 200,000 RELATED AVERAGE MONTHLY SEARCHES Google Q- Google Apple Mac Amazon eBay Yahoo! News 210 Google AVERAGE MONTHLY SEARCHES mac parts online Google Search I'm Feeling Lucky This infographic is brought to you by NMACPARTSonline we'll bring it back to life 310-258-9505 O 310-593-2517 ПИ Ш ПИТ ШШИ П ШШІ TIIII||-|ITI|

Mac Parts & Repair Problems

shared by chasemeyer on Mar 10
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