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The Long and Winding Road: How Your Email Does (or Doesn't) Get to the Inbox

The Long and Winding Road: How Your Email Does (or Doesn't) Get to the Inbox Senders with a 90% average delivered rate never send to See your inbox rates and revenue rise to new spam traps. Monitor your Only email to active, opt-in Target: O spam traps. reputation Reach a Sender before and after Score above subscribers. Spam traps are decoy accounts used to catch spammers. every send. 90. levels. 90+ Avoid mailing to email address You land on Target: Keep Remove Your Unknown non-existent User bounce Unknown Users under one spam collected by someone else. rate climbs addresses immediately. trap. 2%. Target: Keep com- plaint rates under .1%. -40 10%. Blocked. -40 +16 Authenticate using SPF and DKIM. Sender Scores 90 - 100 are 42% more Subscriber marked your email as spam. Complaint climbs to 1.5%. Set up reverse Get permission first before emailing. Sign up for DNS with a Feedback likely to pass DKIM. Fully Qualified Domain Name. Loops. -40 Complaints STOP A 46 point increase is the average senders see by warming up their IP properly. Your sending reputation is based on the Before you You mail continue: Unknown Users following factors... Understand the basics of your Sending Reputation. consistently for 30 days from new IP address. Continue mailing and slowly increase volume. Volume/Frequency +46 Does your business New IP Check your Sender Score for free at START address. Go run on HERE directly to Emails sent from IP spam folder. email? addresses with a bad or no sending history are sent to the spam folder or deferred until a reputation is formed. Return Path's free online email reputation offering,, comprises the world's most comprehensive database of email sender reputation. An IP's sender score is calculated by examining 130 million IP addresses and 20 trillion messages from ISPS and spam filter providers from around the world to help determine characteristic mailing patterns of spammers and legitimate email senders. All scores are based on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is the worst, and 100 is the best possible score. A score represents that IP address' rank as measured against other IP addresses, much like a percentile ranking. Think of it as a credit score for your email program. Everyone sees what the standards are, who is failing them, and what to do about it. In the end, a Return Path good email reputation becomes the critical deciding factor if your email reaches the inbox. Infrastructure

The Long and Winding Road: How Your Email Does (or Doesn't) Get to the Inbox

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Understanding why your emails never reach the inbox can be daunting, confusing and stressful. Return Path makes it easy with Sender Score. Sender Score is similar to a credit score, but for your IP Ad...


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