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LinkedIn leaked passwords statistics

Linked in Leaked passwords statistics 6.5 Million hashes passwords were revealed after the hack of LinkedIn, with this base and Pipal (a password analysor), in @StefanVenken did a usefull statistic of our passwords. 01010111000110010 Take a look on! Number of characters 10 12 characters characters characters characters 7%ו 15% 11 characters characters characters Memorable 30 2 people have a password with 40 characters 30% of passwords with more than 8 characters Password complexity characters include letters, numerics and specials do you use it ?? 48% 26% 7% 1.4% 1.5% 2% You don't understand Lower Alpha + Numeric + Special check the regex or the human example Regex [a-z\p{Punct}0-9] Lower Alpha + Numeric + Special Human sponge!b0b Regex [A-Za-z\p{Punct}0-9] Mixed Alpha + Numeric + Special Human SpOnge!BOb Regex [a-z] Lower Apha Human spongebob Regex [a-z0-9] Lower Apha + num Human spongeb0b Regex [0-9] Numeric Human 00112233 Regex [A-Za-z] Human SpongeBob Mixed Alpha Memorable 49 67 49% of people use only alphabetics 67 people use only special characters not numbers, not alphabetics and numbers Password best practices avoid dictionary words spongebob 14 characters or more The way to good password Mixed Alpha + Numeric + Special 1LuvSpOng3!BOB Include phonetic replacements Data: @StefanVenken Design: @sgendrot Source: Lower Alpha + Numeric + Special Mixed Alpha + Numeric + Special Lower Apha Lower Apha + num Numeric Mixed Alpha

LinkedIn leaked passwords statistics

shared by sGendrot on Jun 13
6.5 Million hashes passwords were revealed after the hack of LinkedIn, @sgendrot did a infographic with the analyze of @StefanVenken.



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