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THE LINK BUILDING SURVEY 2013 2012 was a bad year for the blatant link builder and 2013 has been no different. Tactics that were previ- ously effective evaporated, processes have had to be redesigned, link profiles have to be much more carefully monitored. Now that we are over half the way through this year we wanted to really get under the skin of the market, understand the current pain points of link builders and see overall how the mar- ketplace is faring. Here is what we found... SO WHO TOOK THE SURVEY? 27% LINK BUILDERS TEAM MANAGERS 42% EXECUTIVES AND AGENCY OWNERS 31% This gives us a nice spread of opinions and insights into the current state of play in the field of link building as we get feedback from every tier of an organisation - shop floor through to boardroom. The interesting thing we noted was how individuals labelled themselves, because of the 40+% who described themselves as link builders, 24% said that they were SEOS who did a bit of link building as well. HOW MUCH DO BUSINESSES AND AGENCIES SPEND ON BUILDING LINKS MONTHLY? 35% 26% 18% 11% 18% $0-1k $1k-$5k $5k - $10k $10k - $50k $50k+ WHAT ARE THE 5 BIGGEST CHALLENGES THAT LINK BUILDERS FACE? FINDING LINK PROSPECTS 28% CREATING EFFICIENT PROCESSES 29% GETTING LINK PROSPECTS TO RESPOND 26% DETERMINING ANCHOR TEXT DISTRIBUTION 6% KNOWING WHICH LINKS ARE HELPFUL OR HARMFUL 11% WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON LINK BUILDING TACTICS? We asked respondents to tell us which link building tactic they would consider their staple way to acquire links. 46% 21% 8% 5% Resource page link building Digital PR Guest blogging Paid Linking Content Marketing Initiatives inc. Infographics An incredible 46% of respondents said that they consider guest posts their staple form of link building. WHAT ARE THE 5 MOST EFFECTIVE LINK BUILDING TACTICS (BY AVERAGE RATING) We asked respondents to tell us in their experience of link building currently, which tactics were proving to be the most effective. We offered a rating scale with options ranging from "potentially damaging" to "very powerful" and below are the 5 tactics which scored the best average rating. PRESS COVERAGE GUEST BLOGGING BROKEN LINK BUILDING INFOGRAPHIC PLACEMENTS RESOURCE PAGE LINKS 2.93 3.37 3.53 3.11 2.93 SO, ABOUT GUEST BLOGGING We actually asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of guest blog post where the link was in an author bio and a post where the link was included contextually within the article. AUTHOR BIO US IN-CONTENT IN-CONTENT AUTHOR BIO 33% 12% (Percentage that reported each type as "really effective" (a score of 4/5)) *As a company we have seen very little to suggest links from author bios are less effective but a diverse mix of link types and locations on pages is always a good idea. LET'S TALK ABOUT INFOGRAPHICS We also asked respondents their experiences and opinions in relation to infographic directory links versus infographic placements on blogs and their relative effectiveness. 22% 5% (Percenta that PLACEMENT PLACEMENT reported each type as "really effective" (a score of 4/5) ) US DIRECTORY DIRECTORY WHAT ARE THE 5 LEAST EFFECTIVE LINK BUILDING TACTICS? We asked respondents to tell us in their experience of link building currently, which tactics were proving to be the least effective. As above, we offered a rating scale with options ranging from "potentially damaging" to "very powerful" and below are the 5 tactics which scored the worst average rating. 1.29 1.62 1.65 1.67 1.76 DI LINK BLOG LINK EXCHANGES ARTICLE DIRECTORY WHEELS NETWORKS MARKETING SUBMISSION WHICH TACTICS DO LINK BUILDERS CONSIDER DANGEROUS? AK 81% 62% 51% BLOG NETWORK LINKS LINK WHEELS ADVERTORIALS FEAR, UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT ARE PROBLEMS THE INDUSTRY PENALTY CLOSE TO 5% OF RESPONDENTS 11% OF RESPONDENTS AREN'T AREN'T PROACTIVELY BUILDING SURE WHICH LINKS ARE GOING TO ANY LINKS AT ALL FOR FEAR OF A HARM OR HELP THEM. PENALTY. It's hard to put a specific figure on how much of the algorithm is weighted towards links but it is certainly a dominant part. If you're not building links, well, see you on page 2! LINKS ARE STILL CONSIDERED IMPORTANT AND GENERATE AN ROI NEARLY 20% SAID THAT THERE IS A BUDGET OF S5K-S1OK + PER MONTH DEDICATED TO EACH CLIENT OR INTERNAL PROJECT. That arguably tells us that links are considered an important part of the SEO mix and more importantly building links in an effective manner warrants that level of investment because it generates the results. 2014 WHERE ARE THINGS HEADING IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS? We asked respondents which linking tactics they plan to invest in over the coming year. These 5 came out on top... GUEST BLOGGING 41% PR DIGITAL PR 40% CONTENT MARKETING CAMPAIGNS 34% INFOGRAPHICS 29% IN BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH WEBMASTERS 29% SKYROČKET All data compiled from Skyrocket SEO's 2013 Link Building Survey which was open to participants from 12th June to 19th June and the final count with some cleaning of the data was 383 participants. VISI

Link Building Survey

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Every single link building and seo techniques, tactic, or strategy, no matter how it is ? Either its white hat, Either its grey hat or Either its black hat, It carries some degree of decreasing return...





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