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The IT Cheat Sheet

The IT cheat sheet Pop quiz class! Covering: Hope you're ready Cisco Router TCP / IP TCP / IP Debugging Codes Ports Table Subnet Table Commands to Check Free Text Photoshop Domain Status Editors Shortcuts Cisco router Cisco debugging codes Routing Protocols Debuggs Router# show protocol Show interfaces network-layer addresses Router# show ip protocol Show configured routing protocols Router# show ip route Verify RIP routing Router# debug ip igrp events Display IGRP protocol events Router# debug ip igrp transactions Display IGRP transactions IPX Debuggs Router# show ipx route Display IPX routing table Router# show ipx servers Display content of IPX's SAP tables Router# show ipx traffic Display IPS packet summary Router# show ipx interface Display IPX status parameters on each interface Router# show protocols Show IPX int address and encapsuation type Router# debug ipx routing activity Show IPX routing updates packets Router# debug ipx sap activity Show SAP packets transmitted and received Access List Debuggs Router# show access list [number] Display access lists configured Router# show ip access list Show only IP access lists Router# show ipx access list [number] Display IPX access lists PPP Debuggs Router# debug ppp authentication Display PPP authentication progress Frame Relay Debuggs Router# show frame ip Show frame relay IP statistics Router# show frame Imi Show frame relay Imi statistics Router# show frame map Show frame relay map table Router# show frame pvc Show frame relay pvc statistics Router# show frame route Show frame relay route Router# show frame traffic Show frame relay protocol statistics Router# debug frame relay Imi Troubleshoot frame relay connection ISDN Debuggs Router# show isdn status Show layer 1 through layer 3 status Router# show dialer Show dialer statistics Router# show isdn active Show the numbers called and their current status Router# debug isdn q921 Display layer 2 info Router# debug isdn q931 Display layer 3 info Router# debug dialer Display call setup and teardown activity Router# isdn disconnect interface brio Clear brio int and drop connection tep/ip ports table pssst! Ports Service Name Description Reserved Reserved 1 TCP MUX TCP Port Service Multiplexer Echo Echo 21 FTP File Transfer Protocol is used to send large files 22 SSH Secure Shell 23 Telnet Telnet is a network protocol and uses the command line interface on the remote computer. It is an interactive protocol and uses a connection based protocol 25 SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol uses commands for interaction and can send files from one device to another 38 RAP Route Access Protocol 41 Graphics Graphics 44 MPM-flags MPM FLAGS Protocol 45 MPM Message Processing Module 49 TACACS Local Host Protocol (TACACS) 50 Re-Mail-Ck Re-Mail-Ck Remote Mail Checking Protocol 52 XNS Xerox Network Systems 53 Domain Domain Name Server uses UPD for interaction and TCP for relatively large files 57 MTP Mail Transfer Protocol BOOTPS Bootstrap tocol Server 68 BOOTPC Bootstrap Protocol Client 69 TETP Trivial File Transfer Protocol HTTP World Wide Web HTTP (Hypertext transfer Protocol) is a TCP based messaging protocol 80 93 DCP DCP Device Control Protocol 109 POP2 POP2 Post Office Protocol 2 110 POP3 POP3 Post Office Protocol 3 143 IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol 153 SGMP Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol 161 SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol 179 BGP Border Gateway Protocol 389 LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 427 SLP Service Location Protocol 444 SNPP Simple Network Paging Protocol 631 IPP Internet Printing Protocol Crack! tep/ip subnet table EXAM !! Grrr Number of Hosts Networks Class C Prefix Subnet Mask Networks Class B Inverse Mask + /16 65534 /17 255.255128.0 32766 0+1 /18 255.255192.0 16382 2+1 0.063.255 /19 8190 6+1 /20 255.255.2400 4090 14+1 0.015.255 /21 255.255.2480 2046 30+1 00.7.255 /22 1022 62+1 00.3.255 /23 510 126+1 0.01.255 /24 254 254+1 0.00.255 /25 126 510+1 0+1 0.00127 /26 255.255.255192 62 1022+1 2+1 000.63 /27 30 2046+1 6+1 0.00.31 /28 14 4090+1 14+1 0.0015 /29 8190+1 30+1 0.00.7 /30 16382+1 62+1 000.3 /31 /32 1 0.0.00 Commands to check domain Status Traceroute Whois Ping Dig ili Trace the network path between Retrieve Whois records for a domain Determine whether a host is reachable Gather information about nameservers and host addresses servers free text editors Mac Windows TextWrangler Crimson Editor jEdit JE Smultron Notepad++ Komodo Edit ( Emacs Ring! Vim Bluefish SCITE Linux gedit Gedit photoshop shortcuts Ps CS6 Info palette Brushes Palette Color palette Layer palette F5 F6 F7 F8 70% opacity 100% opacitu Eit on O screen 10% opacity 20% opacitu 30% opacity 40% opacity 50% opacity 60% opacity 80% opacity 90% opacity - Zoom out = Zoom delete 4 Eraser Shape tool Huer U sat Dodge tool Oper Magic mask Magic wand Blur tool Type tool Trans- form History brush Proof Y colors Eye dropper Pen tool - Merge E layers v Brush size Move layer A Brush size A Move I layer tab Q Quit W Close R Rulers P Print Invert Path select Select A al Screen mode Healing brush Copy layer Clone stamp Default colors Gradient Slice Нand tool Show G layer's H extras Lasso E Apply mous. grid Group caps lock De- S Save ID selectF filter Show * guides return Prefs L Levels Zoom tool Undo/ Z redo Toggle fg/bg Crop tool Move tool Brush tool Color V PasteB bal Notes Marquee shift X Cut C Copy New N file shift MCur ves Hold for hand tool CTRL Mac PC command Sources: wu.ece.ufledu/links/dataRate/DataMeasurementChart.html .....

The IT Cheat Sheet

shared by kensavage on Mar 18
There's a ton of things to remember that I just can't fit in my head sometimes. So we're made up an IT industry cheat sheet of some common things that might not be everyday stuff you need to remember...


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