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The Internet Then and Now

THE INTERNET, THEN AND NOW MY, HOW FAR WE'VE COME 1950s USSR LAUNCHES SPUTNIK INTO SPACE Start of global communications BELL LAB INVENTS MODEM Conuerts digital signals to electrical [analog) signals and back. Enables communication between computers ARPA ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY U.S. GOVERNMENT CREATES ARPA 1960s UCLA DEVELOPS ARPAnet HOST-LEVEL PROTOCOLS FIRST WIDE-AREA Lays the foundation for the modern Internet NETWORK CREATED Confirms packet switching is the most promising model for computer communication FIRST DATA PACKETS SENT Between netwworked computers at UCLA |000|000|000 000|000| FIRST INTERNATIONAL "INTERNET" COINED ARPAnet CONNECTION First used in "A Protocol for Made with 1970s Packet Network University College London Interconnection" publication 0000O000o 1geogeogeeo190 C000 O O00 1980s INTERNET CONGESTION SOLVED DOMAIN NAME SYSTEMS INVENTED Algorithms for the Transmission Control Protocol developed. Still used in 90% of Internet hosts today Takes the Internet beyond academic origins ... BIRTH OF THE AOL LAUNCHES WORLD WIDE WEB INSTANT MESSENGER CHAT SERVICE www. BY 1990 "SURFING THE INTERNET" 42% OF AMERICAN ADULTS Phrase is coined and popularized have used a computer 1990s FIRST KNOWN Welcome to PizzaNet! WEB PURCHASE Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza with mushrooms LAUNCH OF AMAZON.COM LAUNCH OF EBAY Billed itself as "Earth's Biggest Originally named "AuctionWeb" Bookstore" LAUNCH OF CRAIGSLIST Originally an email list of San Francisco events NOKIA 9000 THE DANCING COMMUNICATOR BABY RELEASED 3D animation is one First cellphone with Internet capabilities of the first uiral videos LAUNCH OF AOL 4.0 CD-ROM mailers sent to all American homes AOL membership jumps from 8 MILLION TO By 1999 America Online 41% OF ADULTS are using the Internet 16 MILLION MEMBERS 32% OF INTERNET USERS 40 MILLION AMERICANS have made an online purchase SEND E-GREETING 2000 cards to family and friends 78% DOT COM BUST The NASDAQ hits a record high of 5,048, and then plunges by 78% 55 MILLION PEOPLE LAUNCH OF XBOX LIVE go online from work 2002 LAUNCH OF ITUNES LAUNCH OF MUSIC STORE 2003 MYSPACE.COM 200,000 songs available at 99¢ each Used by musicians to share music Apple sells one million and build fan bases songs in first uwweek CAN-SPAM ACT Signed into law by President George W. Bush. Establishes the first national standards for the sending of commercial email LAUNCH OF FACEBOOK LAUNCH OF 2004 1,200 Harvard students sign up in the first 24 hours FIREFOX 1.0 BROADBAND CONNECTIONS 2005 LAUNCH OF YOUTUBE surpass dial-up connections First uideo explains what's cool about elephants "() GOOGLE ACQUIRES YOUTUBE 2006 LAUNCH Purchased for $1.65 billion OF TWITTER Founder Jack Dorsey sends first tweet: "just setting up my twttr" 36% OF FIRST IPHONE 2007 AMERICAN RELEASED Priced at $499 for 4GB and $599 for 8G online adults consult Wikipedia 19% OF 2008 CELLPHONE LAUNCH OF APPLE'S APP STORE OWNERS go online with their phones Has 552 applications LAUNCH OF PINTEREST 2010 35% OF AND INSTAGRAM ADULTS have apps on their phones 2011 LAUNCH OF g+ GOOGLE+ 1 BILLION MONTHLY active users on Facebook $1 TRILLION 2012 WORLDWIDE in e-commerce sales GANGNAM STYLE becomes the most viewed video ever, with more than 800 million views 56% OF 51% OF 2013 U.S. ADULTS AMERICANS own smartphones bank online Residential auerage speed 10 years ago was about 1.5Mbps, taking 45 minutes to download a 500 Megabyte movie. ROCKET FIBER 2015 launches in Detroit, MI, ushering in a new era in speed, reliability and affordability At Rocket Fiber speeds of 1000Mbps, that same file size would take about 2.6 seconds. Quite the improvement! We've grown leaps and bounds since the early days of the Internet. What will the future hold? ROCK T FIBE RM Brought to you by: In Partnership with: Quicken Loans GHERGICH&Co. • AVA

The Internet Then and Now

shared by Ghergich on Jun 26
Most people remember the days of AOL cds and basic websites – but did you know that the beginnings of the internet date back to the 1950s? has created an infographic entitled "The ...


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