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The Internet Is Full

The Internet is Full Total blog activity just at W Hola Mundo! Hallo Welt! npuBeT Mup! 57,931,222 AA-7-ILE ! Pieyl IJelje! Wordpress sites written in over 120 languages Teiá oov Kóoµɛ! Hello World ! Ciao Mondo! nyhN Iyro! 2,500,000,000o 500,000 New Posts / day PAGE VIEWS BY 294,000,000 people /month 400,000 New Comments / day Several Lifetimes Worth of You Tube Video Content Broadcast Yourself M 8 13 2007 2008 48 HOURS PLAYTIME HOURS PLAYTIME 2011 Video Uploaded every minute Video Uploaded every minute HOURS PLAYTIME Video Uploaded / minute 24 35 2009 2010 HOURS PLAYTIME HOURS PLAYTIME Video Uploaded Video Uploaded every minute every minute (3) Billion views/day Unbelievable (but true) 20% There are more than Google 5 Billion of searches each have never been performed before photos on Flickr ウィ wikipedia has 17Million 3.5 И 維 Articles Billion 2,300 new Wikipedia articles are created every day by pieces of content shared every week on facebook 19,000 active contributors 1.4 million created every day new blog posts are The web is messy People are searching, but are they finding? Aside from search and discovering new content from social networks, people use trusted, curated news and specialty sites with human-curated content Ich 17.1 BILLION nts billion explicit core searches were conducted in August 2011 with Google Sites ranking first with 11.1 billion searches mashable HUFFINGTON POST Tech meme SMASHING SMAGAZINE Curation On The Rise A curator is an information chemist. He or she mixes atoms together in a way to build an info-molecule. Then adds value to that molecule. -Robert Scoble We don't have an information shortage, we have an attention shortage -Seth Godin ContentWise reported over %24 $47 Billion was spent on content curation and publishing in 2009. Aggregators, newspaper-style sites, and other sites account for NEWS 57% of where people first turn for news. More and more sites are popping up that curate more than just news, blog posts, or photos. Also being curated: Twitter lists, maps, playlists, itineraries, calendars, entire video channels, books, guides, movies by genre, presentations, pdfs You Tube Sources: comScore,,,,, CurationSoft

The Internet Is Full

shared by CurationSoft on Nov 12
A depiction of just how much content flows onto the web every day and an argument for the need for curation and curators.




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