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The Internet: A Decade Later

2002 THE INTERNET A Decade Later NETFLIX You Tube f 2012 THE GROWTH OF THE INTERNET IN THE PAST 10 YEARS IS STAGGERING Internet Users 2.27 BILLION 2B 1.5B 1B - 569 MILLION 500M - 2002 2012 9.1% of the 33% of the world pop. world pop. Internet Usage 2002 46 minutes a day 2012 4 hours a day Total Websites 2002 2012 3 million 555 million AND MANY THINGS HAVE CHANGED e Web Browser 2002 2012 95% 5% 39% 0 6% OTHER 28% 2% OTHER 25% O Search FRIDAY g+ 2002 2012 1. Spiderman 2. Shakira 3. Winter Olympics 4. World Cup 5. Avril Lavigne 6. Star Wars 7. Eminem 8. American Idol 9. Morrowind 10. Warcraft 3 1. Rebecca Black 2. Google+ 3. Hurricane Irene 4. Pinterest 5. Ryan Dunn 6. iPhone 5 7. Casey Anthony 8. Adele 9. Osama Bin Laden 10. Steve Jobs Top Memes 2002 2012 Ninjas Forever Alone Speeds 2002 2012 It took 12.5 minutes to download a song on a 56k modem. Now it takes 18 seconds. Page Loading Time 2002 2012 16 seconds 6 seconds Social Networking 900 - 450- 100- 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 WORLDWIDE UNIQUE VISITORS (IN MILLIONS) 2002 2012 Friendster launched The #1 social network and had a whopping site is Facebook with 3 million users. 900 million users. THE INTERNET HAS COME A LONG WAY CN CNN NNetscape M AM Qu ( e etscape Presents Editions Euren Ania Upcatec 0s O9p.m. EST (220N GMT)22 Ferary 2002 SEANCH Go SAINPAGE WORLD V.S. WEATHER BUSINESS SPORTS OLITICS CNN Program Schedute S Welt Bter Reearts-The War Room The Winter Olympis serve vo medals and contreversy as they race to a fea Wen look Nt usets and pretests. (7 p.m. ET) ON CNN TV NEGHBOR ARRESTED IN DANELLE VAN DAM CASE Police charged a neighbor of a missing California girt with kidnapping after her blood was found on his dothing and in his motorhome. Eull.Story HEALTH ENTERTAINHENT P a e Dee PeaKa EDKATION IN-DEPTH Pakistan knows Pearl's killers OTHER TOP NEWS • GAO les suit ever Cheney energy documents • Open un. Bush urges China 1 In-0esth • CNN/SI: Rusia.protesta.skating.resulta QuICK NEWS Ievestigators in Pakistan say they know the names of the miatants who abducted and killed Wall Street Journal reporter Denel eart un.hears Yates talk.of.drewning children and are taking "the strongest possible actions" Sheritt feara for.cremetory.operator'ssafety to bring them to justice. Pearfs widow released a letter thanking the world for ts support during the ordeal. EULL STORY COMMONT AISERYCES AROUT US/HELE • Colomblan troeps.move.en.rebel base WAR AGAINST TERROR ALQeeda suspect.jalled in Italy • Deaths confirmed in U.S. chopper crash . Fact Sheet The hunt for Pearl's killers more whaten shew tranectete CHN Hadine e Email: Tell us Your vievs.on Pearl .case CNN nternational askCHN Responses: Readera.react Statement: Mariane Pear Obituary: Daniel Peart reamano aponad by Y! Yahoo! YAHOO! @ Launch Masic Videa. Radie. Ehates Yaboo! Photos 10-20% off photo gifts free [email protected] Search advanced search O Yahoo Games - Play online Litenati. Diamond Mine. PoolChess. Spades. Hearts and more. ১ap bastiea Aates ainds aal Sine aud Ylaa aa Mdia tinane a aer Connect Caen aai Seitica Cestin Cn/Clata Mail Memten Menanr Mahile Bensnala Beale Sanh thatas Personal Addrkask Bielkase Calendar Ma Yahea! BaDiast Fun Gancs Hamacsa Kida Maxita Mais TY mat $ Yahool Finance Tax Center In the News * haclasaailins Aadat teagee on kmn definition.confennce Histacian: US.lied abost.Cuban Angelaml inandein intenns Tiala.begin for Kenneds.coANa accaatd.of197S Masles.carder • Mandand wina NCAAoons title Resources to do your taxes Less than 2 weeks left •upantion ABlins Cakalaton • Endeal Foma •Endeal Rates Sate Esma Fe Oine Today *Calendan Tis *Cuide far laetoo TurbeTans for the WeM Puweed by Arts & Humanities Literatas. hategapha- News & Media EalLCanemae. Neppen. IY Marketplace Secing Ea Sale save up o 359 on Business & Economy B28. Einance. Shosina-ka Recreation & Sports Spota. Tal. Autes. Outdoan Cateway Desktop, 12GHa processor, 20GB han drive, 15 color monitor Computers & Intemet Reference Encsete bag with any Lacky Bend puhase a Noalatom New from Stepben King - Eveoshing Extatual - daalaad.chesk. bux hadcoser latemet. WWw. Softean. Games- Libnita. Dictianaries. Quetations- Education Cellege and UnisEnity. K-12 Regional Counties, Regiena. US Sates Friendster Ofriendster- Friendster Beta Apple Sor moo Ca Quidtine Soppon Ma OSX The 700MHZ iBook. 70OM Goces ATMty KADEONpios Itroducing Xserve iPhoto 1.1 eMac PowerBook Gi REFUSAL TO ADAPT RESULTED INA FAILURE TO THRIVE Blockbuster Blockbuster refused numerous offers to buy Netflix and was reluctant to roll out subscription-based membership. 5.5 BILLION 5B- 4B- 3.2 BILLION 3B - NETFLIX 28 1B BANKRUPT NETFLIX 150 MILLION NETFLIK 2002 2012 TOTAL REVENUE ($) Borders Borders refused to make an online bookstore. 2002 2012 Borders Stores: (1 BOOK = 100 STORES) Borders Stores: (1 TOMBSTONE = 1 BANKRUPTCY) Tower Records Tower Records was slow to adapt to digital music. 2002 2012 Tower Records Stores: Tower Records Stores: (1 RECORD = 20 STORES) (1 TOMBSTONE = 1 BANKRUPTCY) TOWER RECOROS The internet will continue to change, progress, and expand. Will Facebook become the new Friendster? Only time can tell. 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The Internet: A Decade Later

shared by Maylor on Aug 19
The growth of the internet in the last 10 years is staggering. This infographic reveals just how much the internet has changed from 2002 to 2012.


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