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Inside the Business of Malware

Inside the Busine$ $ of Halware 1NNPh09R4PI-|1( You are a trojan. It allows a infected with botmaster to send $10,000 COMMands to control your coMputer. The trojan software May cost upwards of $10,000 to purchase a current and effective version, like Zeus Your zombie computer is pooled with other Zombies to form a The botnet is rented out to fraudsters. There maybe be up to 100,000 other ZOmbies in the botnet. botnet. The botnet, if large enough, it is rented out to a spaMmer. A botmaster coMMands your zOmbie to flood a website with packets of data. When this is done with thousand s of other zombies, it can overwhelm or cripple It's called a (Distributed Denial of Service). websites. DDOS attack Botnets are often a cost per 1,000 installs Location of the zOmbie affects rented out as (ZOmbies). the price. The spammer has the botmaster turn your COMPuter into a SOCKS proxy t o reroute traffic packets. Botnets can be rented out for DDoSing. A botnet of 2,000 $250, bots starts at $150 for 24 hours of attacking. Canada, Spain, UK, Italy $150 Your COmputer now $200 sends (reroutes) This is often used in conjunction wi th an extortion attempt, out thousands of Germany, France Spam emails. either before (It would be a if your website went down) or during (Pay up to make it stop) the attack. shame $150 USA Someone clicks on an offer in a spam email and ends up $110 buying a product (Viagra). Botmaster receives extortion payment. Mexico, Turkey The spaMmer earns $50 a COMmisSsion. ISP and email clients flag Mixed World 40% your IP as spam and it's ignored, but not before a few thousand spaM emails have gone through. $17 The spaMmer needs to buy More zombies from a botmaster to keep sending spam. Asia Your zombie is of no More use to the spaMmer . Fraudster will transfer Money out of the account or use the funds to buy laptops on Craigslist, which are then resold for cash. the The trojan sends the botmaster your login information for online Money services like paypal. The trojan Monitors your login forms and keystrokes in order to collect passwords. Compromised bank accounts can be sold for Your online bank 1% of the balance because ac tually getting Money out of the account has risks. account login is obtained and sent to the botmaster. If they can get your Facebook and Twitter accounts, they will send your friends Messages, usually wi th a link that contains a trojan. access to 1% The fraudster can couple your bank login with your social security number and other personal information to COMMIT numerou s scams . The fraudster receives access to your email, a gold mine of personal information. Your friends click the links because they think it's cOMing from you. Fraudster changes your address with your bank and has new checks sent Your social profiles information which may be use ful to Your date of favorite band, graduation high school and other identifiers also have to a new location. scammers. birth, They beCOme infected and the cycle begins again. can be used to defeat security measures. Fraudster then writes checks on your account for high priced The seller of the item deposits the check The fraudster has buyer 's remorse and does not pick The fraudster asks the seller to Western Union on items on Craigslist. and it clears. The fraudster has just laundered the Money through the seller on Craigslist. up the item. the money back, less $50 for the inconvenience." The check fraud is discovered and the sellers account is frozen and fund s removed. fraudster gets away as the Western Union transfer was The brought cash and irreversible. to you by Ilya Lichtenstein $500-$5,600

Inside the Business of Malware

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Everyone's computer gets malware on it at some point. It's rarely anything to do with identity theft and it's just annoying and slows your computer down. Why is there so much of it? What actually m...


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