The impact of fresh content on search traffic

fresh content and high traffic dollars turning digital 31 24 print is 2009 2010 slowing BILLION$ BILLIONS 400 WEB MARKETING FROM 2009-2010 BUDGETS ROSE MILLION$ 12.11 12.5 web is 2009 2010 growing BILLION$ BILLION$ the most common web marketing tools are blogs, videos and other custom content OF MARKETERS 45% WEBSITE UPDATES ARE INCREASING ON AVERAGE 3X UPDATED WITH A WEEK/ NEW CONTENT 54% REDULES WILL MAINTAIN WEBSITE UPDATE 61%) OF CONSUMERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO PURCHASE FROM BUSINESSES OFFERING CUSTOM CONTENT THE AVERAGE COMPANY DEVOTES TO CUSTOM CONTENT %24 152,850 5,235 2.51 EMPLOYEES DOLLARS HOURS 29% why? google. TOTAL MARKETING BUDGET just how valuable is your google rank? 2X 34% THE TRAFFIC OF #2 OF OVERALL TRAFFIC ROUGHLY EQUALS #2-#5 COMBINED MORE THAN #5-#20 COMBINED RANK IMPRESSIONS %TRAFFIC PAGE 1 2,834,806 34.35% 2-5 3,492,035 42.30% 143% 6-9 1,269,702 15.39% TRAFFIC INCREASE FROM PAGE 2 TO 1 10 223,320 2.71% PAGE 2 11 91,978 1.11% # 1 how? fresh content. google loves fresh content HOURS GOOGLE'S OLD INDEX GOOGLE'S NEW INDEX DAYS SORTED THE WEB VIA LAYERS, EACH WITH A DIFFERENT RATE OF REFRESH SORTS THROUGH CHUNKS OF THE WEB CONSTANTLY, SERVING UP NEW SEARCHES WEEKS MONTHS this now 35% OF ALL SEARCHES BY SERVING UP THE FRESHEST FIRST impacts FASTER SEARCH 50% RESULTS USING LATEST INDEX LEADING INDICATORS OF FRESHNESS 1-3 LENGTH OF KEYWORDS WITH HIGH SEARCH SOCIAL MEDIA 27 PIECES OF CONTENT ARE SHARED WORDS MILLION DAILY REPEAT THE KEYWORD PHRASE 5 TIMES ON EACH PAGE KEYWORD UPDATES OF MESSAGES 1/5 INCLUDE LINKS TO CONTENT 5X SOCIAL PLAYS A BIG ROLE 8* USED TO RANK RESULTS WHEN SIGNED IN HELPS GOOGLE INDEX CONTENT FASTER BE SURE YOUR CONTENT DOESN'T GET STALE content expiration as sorted by service 4. HOURS DAYS WEEK AUDIENCE LARGE MEDIUM SMALL ATTENTION SHORT MEDIUM LONG CONSISTENT CONTENT IS THE KEY AUTOMATIC UPDATES RECIPROCAL LINKS that's where webkite comes in ONTEXT TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL TOOLS SOURCES why-content-for-seo change-for-freshness-to-impact-35-of-searches-99856 files/PublishingCharacteristics_2011_cCC.pdf you-cant-ignore-if-you-want-high-rankings/ forum/78992-how-often-should-i-update-my-website.html new-study-reveals-record-level-resources-allocated- content-marketing update-my-content/ your-brand-image-fresh-31349 %23

The impact of fresh content on search traffic

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Fresh, relevant content is essential for the success of every website. In addition to providing your target audience with information about your business or products, web content provides web crawlers...




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