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The Impact Of Color - The Use Of Color Online

THE IMPACT OF COLOR. Infegraphic How Do We Perceive Color? Different colors invoke different emotions Love, Passion, Health Energy, logic, happines Healing, Balance, Harmony Creativity, Wisdom, Learning Trust, Faith, Understanding The different kinds of colours Warm bright colors Limit use among зибдиед соlоrs These are active, eye-catching colors with a friendly nature that may induce a sense of courage and energy. Warm bright colors visually enlarge objects and make them seem closer. Cold bright colors Great for business, commerce and services websites Full of aesthetics and freshness, accents. Such cold but bright tones enhance a sensation of modernity and professionalism if harmoniously combined with gray. Cold dark colors Often used on Governmentm Science and Auto Sites Give a feeling of stability and quality. These shades are often placed as accompanying colors. Although they don't attract attention they emphasize the content. Warm dark colors Brands engaged in Finance, Consulting, Architectonics They blend well in expensive and elegant designs for young and rich. Mixed with cold colors give an impression of modernity and novelty. Neutral colors Neutrals are here to support their neighbours by complementing others help to create contrasts and bring all the other colors out. They don't convey any particular message on their own. Their use can be truly universal as they work well in a variety of applications. Black can be combined with bright colors and white with dark colors, making a classic, almost universal combination. The simplest set of colors expresses thoughts without words and influences audiences. The choice of these colors should reflect the brand mission with strength and clarity, so that it can attract prospective customers. SOURCE : colour-in-advertising-marketing-and-design/ Piktochart O I make information beautiful

The Impact Of Color - The Use Of Color Online

shared by freshbrewmarketing on Oct 17
It turns out that color is one of the most of exciting things in the world. This infographic looks at the use of colors within web design and what emotions are invoked by different color combinations.


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