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HTML 5: HYPE US. REALITY HOW DOES HTML 5 SGACK Up TO FLASH FOR DEVELOPMENG? BACKERS Pretty much all the major powers in internet platforms and mobile games have come out strongly in support of HTML5. Meanwhile, Flash runs in every internet browser and major computing platform except iOS, but it's old news and even Adobe has ended investments new versions of mobile Flash HTML HTML 5 A Billion os: $360.4 1/2 Backers iOS Billion e (1/2): Andro wllin 12 Google: ST92.2 B (1/2) Flash Google Facebook Billion facebook REACH Still, Flash runs on over 2 billion PCs and mobile devices around the world. Gaming -quality HTML 5 is limited to newer versions of Chrome (somewhat less than 200 million PCs). HTML F 2 Billion + 200 Million+ PERFORMANCE COMPARISON At small numbers of particles, Flash has 400% the framerate of HTMLS. 60 Particle Animation Benchmark (Firefox 3.6, OS X) 50 At large numbers, Flash has nearly 1000% the framerate of HTML 5. 40 30 E 20 10 1000 2000 3000 4000 Particles 3% CPU 3% CPU A test was done running a bouncing ball at 60 FPS on a PC in both JavaScript and Flash Platforms. The following results indicate what percentage of CPU was used on the Firefox and Chrome browsers. 18% CPU 18% CPU HOW DOES HThL 5 COMPARE GO NAGIVE APP DEVELOPMENG? i0S API COMPARISON Vastly more APls are available to native iOS SDK developers than to JavaScript/HTML5 developers. Safari/HTML 5 20 APIS Native Developers 1,500 APIS AAGIVE CLIENG US. HTML 5 PERFORMANCE in CHROME Flock of Geese is a Google Chrome application that compares FPS performance between JavaScript and C++ (Native Client) In 60 Second Flock of Geeze 4.0x 9.2x is faster than C++ JavaScript/HTML 5 SounD QUALIGY The Latest version of Chrome is the only browser with game-worthy HTML 5 sound support. Chrome 15 < 200 Million Installs All Other 2 Billion + Installs Browsers SUGGESS OF HTML 5 in FACEBOOK, i0s, AND ANDROID TOP GAMES AND GECHNOLOGY USED Android IOS facebook Paid Free Paid Free Games Cityville MARDEST Developed Wth smule DAU 11,800,000 The Sims Social MARDEST SIMS Secial Developed With DAU , Java C++ Objective C 6,400,000 Texas Hold'Em Poker S Farmville Ta Empires & Allies FARM ILLE Developed Developed E Developed With Wih With DAU DAU DAU 6,400,000 7,400,000 4,300,000 countDDun GO HTML 5 SGANDARD APPROUAL w3C has a goal of approving the HTML 5 standard by 2014. Years Months Days Hours VERDIGG HTML 5 has huge industry backing... but lags incumbent platforms in reach, technical capabilities, and market results. Veews/2010/11/15acebooks-estimatedmaket-capat-4b hon Mtn artata com/eadtoandacosist selectacpsdmetric selectmastart dateSBnonthSD118start.date50daySD-108tat dae50yearSD-20118fanbase-08genre id-Select+category http://en.wikicedia.onwkComparson o HTMLS.and Fush deelopingb-games with-flash-htm5-and-unity http:/finance vahoo.coma hp/ any Game 2011 Zynga Uges Devolopens To Embrace The HTMLS_Pain Machine php http// http:/ games rake than sony and nintendoheml http://tinance Game Maker Zyngas Market. Valation Tops.5.50 http/en wikipedia.orgw/Companson.of HTMLS.and Fush http// http/few.insdesocialames com/2011/11/00ladobe-asmobile-Banhin-favonof-tiol-ttmS ashenandenty http/ to-flash-and-htm5which-one-s-right-loryourgroject/ septembe meti erscerte/20100/22 http:/www.blackcjcom/tlog/2010r0429nple-animation-performance-lanh-vstmis 1ynga: S5 1/2): S41 Frames Per Second


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Pretty much all the major powers in internet platforms and mobile games have come out strongly in support of HTML 5. Meanwhile, Flash runs in every internet browser and major computing platform except...




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