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How will The Internet of Things Integrate our Lives in 2020 @iotmarket

@iotmarket How will the Internel of Things * inlegrate our lives in 2020 The Future of Digital Marketing +loTMarket #loT #M2M #digitalwaves Sourcery loT is the point in time when more things/objects are connected to the internet than people. loT 'born' in 2008-2009 and by 2020 we show you how 50 billion things will integrate our lives while on the internet - everything from your body, car, alarm clock and even cows. O 2020 9.4 O 2017 SMART METERS INCREASE Market Value 2013 device pp $8.9TN Devices - Connected BY 500% $£¥ OF ENTERPRISES ADOPT M2M TECH Machine to 50% 2000 2012 2015 2020 2B 8.7B 15B 75B Machine Things In 2020, we see applications evolve to include: Energy harvesting & recycling, intelligent analytics, wireless power(no batteries required for sensors), automatic driven vehicles, Consumed Health devices & photographic toothbrush or contact lense. 95B cars EMBEDDED with TELEMATICS things connected to the Internet More things/objects are connected to the internet than people. World 6.3 Billion 6.8 Billion 7.2 Billion 7.6 Billion Population Transport Connected s00 Million 12.5 Billion 25 Billion 50 Billion Devices 1. Individual networks Education Energy 2. Connected together Business 3. With security, analytics, and management Home Other More connected Connected devices than people Earth Devices 0.08 1.84 3.47 6.58 Per Person AMOOS 2003 2010 2015 2020 Y-CAM 57 MR. FUSION Lagbar Vehicle-to-vehicle communication gives smart transportation & semi intelligent objects. Soft Contact Lense computer casing Sensor detects pupil dilation Connect Everything Your Sponsored Life COMMS Chip & Antenna transmits & receives +1 DHARMA Automated Healthcare | Power Up! "Act like a conductor to orchestrate the silos in communication ENTERPRISE ENVIRONMENT LIFESTYLE DEpsi PERFECT ALSTOM P&G O BOSCH BAE SYSTEMS sky EXACO Thames Water TESCO Panasonic verled lori Raytheon OShelI PiMarleyEternit A C-15: System Solutions JCDe ux nest Roche gsk GlaxoSmithKline AREVA CLEARCHANNEL rereari MENERCON nskin. tstzata nationalgrid DIAGEO CORNING CARDIAC Science IISBC O Age of Context -| Brands that have a marketshare in Home & Health Devices, help deliver contextual campaigns track the context of which customers invest their time with products or services. As consumers take control, you decide on chosen life sponsors that never interrupt & instead deliver tailored relevant content. Advertisers & Marketers rewards you for your time. only 4% of Global Internet Device Installed Base Forecast #IOT COMPANIES wont use IOT BI INTELLIGENCE S4.00 12.0000 40% 0.000.00 BRAINENT ADS of DATA will be M2M Battery | Smart Systems & The loTlandscape REFRESH Unrestricted battery & unique device P addresses allows Brands & Campaigns to be contextual. Content is streamed to excite, engage and track other senses in addition to audio and visual. Recorded haptics, smell and even taste sensors offer personal preferences for tailored in app marketing and advertising. Brands will make it easy for you to simply look & pay - safely and securely, anywhere & anytime in a context that makes sense for you. $£¥ 56h 49m on battery Sponsored & Contextual Streaming Relevant Content NODE Forecast Model Venue Map NODE Resources & Production Institutional & Commercial Buildings & Security Information & Comms Mobility Resources Energy Industrial Healthcare Buildings Security Professional IT Consumer IT Transportation Retail/Commercial Bell Doctors Offices& Outpatient Clinics Home Healthcare Hospitals & Health Facilities On Road Vehides Research Marine Systems Construction Railway ARail Systems Laboratories & O-Road 3D HVAC Blood Glucose • Lfestyle Devices Fitness Devices Tran Infrastruc Tol/Metering Systen Surveillance Systems Fixed Patient Research Equipment Research • Cargo Ships Fishery Crafts Naval Vessels • Construction Material andins Commercial Vehicles Consumer ehicles litary Vehicles Freight Trains Passenger Trains Light Rail Transit • Subway Transit Monitors ectro Cardiac Military printer Instruments Aircraft Recreational Health Craft oven Commercial& Institutional Public, Campus Power Trans ADistribution Alternative Power Generation IT& Telco Infrastructure Residential Office Technology Mobile Technology Security ABorder Enterprise IT Networking • Data Centers Telecom Equip Home IT IT Ancilary Electrical Fossil Generation Comm's Devices Appliances Electrical HVAC Airport Systems Building Security ссту ID Systems Intruder Detect Enterprise IT IT Ancillary Support Nat Gas Generation Home IT Infotainment Transmission Lightin ID Systems Electrical Distribution Lifestyle fridge Tablet Equipment & Meters Generation Survellance Advertising & Financial Services POS & Vending & Professional Hotel, Venues& Restaurants Commercial Services Discrete Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing Processing& Converting Supply Chain& Mobile Systems Agriculture Mining Oil& Gas Utlities & Water Handin/ Farming Plant Irrigation Systems * Sol Preparation Ind / Professional ntenance cial Service Extraction Equip OL Equipment • Signage Devices csing Sy d /Professional Water Systems Assembly, Test & Inspection Equio Cleaning Appli Cold Storage Cooking Appliance *Laundry Alian coffee maker hon Equip quipment Test/Inspection intenance Equip Gym Advertising & Marketing can use Sensors, Mobile, Retail History & Location Services As Technology gives better experiences, our social times spent are of increased value. context Companies exploring loT Companies exploring loT #IOT place 76% Externally (products or services) 74% Yes 26% No Internally (operations & processes) 76% Yes time 24% 24% NO Conclusion @iotmarket Everything Is Awesome There are so many options for brands to use loT #m2m #iot in 2020. What are the connected devices that you want to see first? We are listening! Tweet @iotmarket with #bigdata #sensors your suggestion: #1lamp&phone #glass&tv #social #context Let us know if you have an idea & we will RT your idea @iotmarket. We are excited about the Future of Digital Marketing in 2020 and beyond, so get in touch. #digitalwaves #squaredonline

How will The Internet of Things Integrate our Lives in 2020 @iotmarket

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Brands embracing Internet of Things - David Raw Data Collection - Saioa & Wayne Insights into Consumer Product Innovations - Brendan & Sonia Published Research Papers - Geraldine Vis...






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