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How We Spend Our Time Online: Most Popular Websites

HOW DO WE SPEND OUR TIME ONLINE? MOST POPULAR WEBSITES If you guessed Google and Facebook were the most-visited websites across the globe, you'd be right. But did you know, the leading Chinese-language search engine is sixth, ahead of Twitter, Amazon and LinkedIn? Or that about 20 percent of the 2.4 billion Internet users make their way to Yahoo! every day? INTERNET USERS WHO VISIT INTERNET USERS WHO GOOGLE DAILY VISIT FACEBOOK DAILY INTERNET USERS WHO VISIT INTERNET USERS WHO YOUTUDE DAILY VISIT YAHOO! DAILY TOP 10 SITES BY DAILY REACH This measures a three-month average of the percentage of Internet users who visit the site daily. Bai du EE WIKIPEDIA The Free Encyclopedia 12.97% 13.36% Windows Live B.5 7% YAHOO! facebook 8.41% %EI'02 7.40% You Tube 43.97% twitter Broadcast Yourself Б.24% Google 35.40% %BL'Eh STAY A WHILE? How long do visitors stay on the top 10 sites, and how many times do they visit in a given day? 28:19 2254 12:02 931 liliai. 936 9:01 9:04 814 501 FACEBOOK GOOGLE YOUTUBE YAHOO! WIKIPEDIA BAIDU.COM WINDOWS LIVE QQ.COM AMAZON.COM TWITTER THINKING GLOBALLY . Many of the top sites in the US. don't even register on the global list. E US TOP 25 Google facebook You Tube YAHOO! ebay Broadcast Yourself WIKIPEDIA bing Linked in. B twitter Pinterest Go. msn AOLO tumblr NETFLIX PayPal CNN HUFFINGTON Windows Live THE POST Ask The Weather Bank of America .com TOP 10 WEBSITES BY COUNTRY EK UK Google CHINA O BRAZIL AUSTRALIA JAPAN Google Google facebook Bai du EE YAHOO! JADAN Google Google facebook D 腾讯 网 Google Google YouTube facebook You Tube You Tube AFC2 Broadcast Yourself" Broadcast Yourself" Sina A You Tube Broadcast Yourself" YAHOO! Broadcast Yourself ebay Google UOL ebay o melhor conteudo E3 NETEASE BBC globo Google com YAHOO! 新浪 微 博 楽 天 WIKIPEDIA Windows Live ICHIBA Windows Live 搜狐 Windows Live D livedoor SOSO RR Linked in facebook YAHOO! WIKIPEDIA hao123.. mercado Livre news comau Ameba TOP 10 WEBSITES BY COUNTRY SOIS SAUDI ARABIA EGYPT KENYA INDIA NORWAY Google facebook facebook Google facebook Google You Tube Google Google You Tube Google Google Broadcast Yourself Google facebook facebook Broadcast Yourself Google Google You Tube You Tube YouTube Broadcast Yourself Broadcast Yourself YAHOO! Broadcast Yourself" YAHOO! Windows Live YAHOO! VG twitter YAHOO! FINN twitter STANDARD Digital البوم السابع SATURDAYONATION WIKIPEDIA hao123. WIKIPEDIA Linked in YAHOO! Windows Live WIKIPEDIA indiatimes WIKIPEDIA SOURCES MOTE: DATA COLLECTED RARCH I12, 2013 ALEXA.COM INTERNETWORLDSTATS.COM

How We Spend Our Time Online: Most Popular Websites

shared by caradelany on May 01
How do people across the globe spend their time in front of a computer? Facebook and Google are obviously ranked highly on the internet usage list, but Chinese-language search engine Baidu is ranked h...


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