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How uncool is Windows 10 for your privacy

YOUR PRIVACY I NIGHTMARE 66 How Uncool is Windows 10 for your Privacy " 99 Windows 10 debuts with a lot of cool and exciting features: "CORTANA " WINDOWS HELLO * TASKVIEW " EDGE BROWSER" 66 HOWEVER what's uncool is that most of these features are violating your privacy,, Windows 10 Default-enabled Data syncing (Chrome-like) Private data and software settings are synced to Microsoft by default Includes: Apps settings Browsing history and open websites WiFi hotspot names and passwords Your device is by default tagged with a unique advertising ID. → Serves you with personalized advertisements by third-party advertisers and ad networks Hi there. I'm Cortana. Cortana - the Siri-like voice assistant, can collect any of your data. Data includes: Your keystrokes, searches and mic input. Calendar data. Address book/Contacts/Relationship. Music you listen to. Credit Card information. Purchases. Call list. Microsoft says: Cortana needs to collect all this data in order to work with optimum results. [Cool] We say: Be aware of the fact that there's a lot of data being allowed to send back to MS servers. [Not cool and sort of creepy] Downloading Windows 10 signing the agreement authorizes Microsoft to collect your information. and Interests and habits. Contacts and relationships. Demographics. Passwords. U. Location Data. Usage Data. Your identity. Content like emails, instant mes- sages, caller list, audio and video recordings. Privacy Policy says your Data can be shared. Yes. With or without your consent, Microsoft can share any of those data with any third party. We know our privacy matters. Yet, Microsoft and Windows 10 seem to be giving us the creepy nightmare through their features violating our rights to privacy. But still, Windows 10 is incredibly awesome. It makes us feel more techie and at ease, both in our work and leisure activities. So if you're really wanting that upgrade, be sure to follow these cool and simple tips when you do: Read the Privacy Policy to access and control your personal data. → Disable default data syncing, tagging, and others by changing the privacy options on setting menu. Note that despite all the wonderful features of Windows 10, there are limitations when it comes to accessing the user's personal information. → Accessing private files and emails is a serious thing. Lots of private data can be shared to third-parties and advertisers anytime, which means you are being sold as the product when you authorize Microsoft. " With a VPN service like FrootVPN, your privacy will be protected." SOURCE FrootVPN

How uncool is Windows 10 for your privacy

shared by FrootVPN on Dec 06
The cool features that excites you the most can be your Privacy Nightmare


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