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How Torrent Works

HOW the hell this TORRENT WORKS fricking Bittorrents (also known as "torrents") work by downloading small bits of files from many different web sources at the same time. Torrent downloading is extremely easy to use, and outside of a few torrent search providers, torrents themselves are free of user fees. But first, let's start with some common terms used with torrent SEEDER LEECHER Seeders are people, either who have uploaded Leechers (Peers) are people who are sharing file or who have already downloaded the full files what they have and are downloading files file and are uploading. what you or others have, at same time. SWARMING TRACKING Swarming is about splitting large files into hundreds of smaller "bits", and then sharing Tracking is when specific servers help to find smalled "bits" of files and users who uploaded those bits across dozens of linked users. those files. KINDS OF fricking 2 TORRENT NORMAL MAGNET TORRENT TORRENT Gets file "bits" by tracking Search for possibly near by IP's list already provided with file for file "bits" Now let's have real deal This is how it works 4 4 1 USER 43% 100% 2. 100% 54% PEER SEED SEED PEER TRACKER The tracker helps the user's software trade pieces 3 of the desired file with other computers. User loads torrent file into torrent software also 1 called as torrent client. Torrent client then communicates with a set of Torrent users simultaneously upload and download 4 tiny portions of a file to and from one another, instructions called a "tracker" to find other computers running Torrent that have the complete creating a kind of "swarm." Because the Torrent file (called "seed computers") and those with a technology relies on large amounts of users portion of the file ("peers" that are usually in the transmitting data to and from one another, there is no central server for spy agencies to access. process of downloading the file). POPULAR TORRENT CLIENTS µTorrent BitTorrent Deluge Tixati Unlike other networks Torrents stand out for 5 major reasons Torrent networking is NOT a publish-subscribe model like Kazaa; instead, torrents are true Peer-to-Peer networking where the users themselves do the actual file serving. Torrents enforce 99% quality control by filtering out corrupted and dummy files, ensuring that downloads contain only what they claim to contain. Torrents actively encourage users to share ("seed") their complete SEED files, while simultaneously penalizing users who "leech" Torrents can achieve dowmload speeds over 1.5 megabits per second. User can get more speed then bandwidth because its actually Peer-to-Peer sharing Torrent code is open-source, advertising-free, and adware/spyware-free. This means that no single person profits. ...*.. FROM THE PORTFOLIO OF UNDER THE FIERY HOOD OF MANISH TILARA PHOENIX MEDIA LAB ................. ...............................- ..... SOURCES !! .******

How Torrent Works

shared by phoenixmedialab on Feb 12
Torrent network is one of the largest peer-to-peer network in the world. Let's check out how it really manages to share files among all the user in more powerful and rapid way.




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