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How To Test Your Landing Pages

How TO TEST YOUR LANDING PAGES WHAT IS A/B TESTING A/B, testing or split testing is an experimental approach that is used to compare two versions of a landing page (A and B). Both pages will be identical except for a single variation that could impact user behavior. A/B testing is undertaken to discover which version of the landing page offers the most effective results. VERSION A VERSION B PAGE TITLE PAGE TITLE NEWS BLOCK SIGN UP FORM O WINNER CONTENT BODY NAV NAV CONTENT BODY NEWS BLOCK SIGN BAR BAR FORM O 50 75 ORDERS ORDERS Version B is better than version A WHAT IS MULTIVARIATE TESTING enables you to simultaneously.- Multivariate t many changes 2nd headline + 3rd headline 2nd button + 3rd button + + 2nd image 4th button + +3rd image 4th image The Winner Drives the Highest Conversion Rate WINNER and Revenues CO. A/B TESTING Vs MULTIVARIATE TESTING VS A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Test different versions of a Test different elements within web page, splitting the traffic evenly between both pages. a single web page. Multivariate testing is ideal for high-traffic websites. IMPORTANT LANDING PAGE ELEMENTS TO TEST RIGHT NOW THIS IS HEADLINE BUY NOW SIGN UP ! $$$ Page headline Call to Action Pricing strategies buttons 66 Landing page image Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Sales copy Text font and style Page layout and design 15 TESTING CAMPAIGN: STEPS Have a clear Have well-defined, Identify important elements to test clear and measurable conversion criteria testing plan Use proper testing tools Determine whether A/B or multivariate testing is appropriate Access current traffic and conversion rates Determine the time Determine target conversion goals Determine the number of scenarios to test span to run tests Test B Test A Install and deploy different test scenarios Create variations of Measure test results and different testing findings elements Perform additional Conduct follow-up tests Track Improvements updates on findings LANDING PAGE TESTING MISTAKES YOU SHOULD AVOID Not having an effective testing plan Using very low traffic for tests Testing too many elements at once TEST PLAN FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL Not establishing success criteria beforehand Not conducting follow-up experiments Not monitoring tests when they're in progress Not tracking external factors Running tests for too long Testing small changes while ignoring big concepts ! Getting caught up in opinions Not measuring the entire conversion funnel Compiled & Designed by Invesp - more conversions Sources

How To Test Your Landing Pages

shared by Gagan on Feb 06
A detailed Infographic on how to test landing pages, difference between A/B testing and Multivariate testing,important landing page element , landing page testing mistakes and lot more.




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