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How safe is your password?

How safe is your password? Website databases will often 'encrypt' your password to make it more secure. They do this by putting them through a system that will effectively turn it into a code known as 'hash' Hashing is using an cryptographic algorithm to convert data like a password into a fixed length string of characters called a fingerprint. Football 37B4E2D82900DSE94B 8DAS24FBEB33CO Football will always be that exact hash code, therefore, if a hacker was to find out every word in the dictionary in hash, it would be very easy for them to crack single word passwords. Including those with numbers. The Dictionary Rule: When creating a password, there is one main rule to go by: the dictionary rule. The hacker trying to crack your password will know every word in the dictionary in hash, so make something up. You can also make up a passphrase too, such as 'ILoveJohnSnow'. Combine this with unique lettering and you have a secure password Here are some examples of passwords and how long it would take to crack them: Browserl or ilovejohnsnow 161 thousand years to crack this Filovejohn&snowk Brow53erl 11 minutes to crack both passwords 157 billion years to crack this password password WOODSTOCK IT servi ces

How safe is your password?

shared by FranAtkins on Jan 16
As we all spend a great deal of time online, we should be informed about Internet security to protect our assests from hackers. Constructing a complicated password is one of the best ways to keep y...


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