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How to rob a bank in the 21st century

HOW to rob BANKS in the HOW BANKING TROJAN ECOSYSTEM WORKS & FACTS ON ONLINE BANKING and CYBER THEFT 21ST century? 74% of consumers do online banking 85 % are afraid of doing online banking via public PCs or via open wireless networks 35 % are not confident that their bank offers enough for safe banking 390 In 2010 the FBI had a total of banking fraud -related cases. Attempted loss by these acts: $220.000.000 $70.000.000 Actual loss: Sources:, F-Secure Broadband Survey, Spring 2012 * STEPS TO ROB A BANK: A STEP BY STEP BANKING TROJAN EXPLAINER LOCATE THE AUDIENCE. STEP 1 THAT'S A JOB FOR A SPAM GUY. E-mail! Why are we still using it? E-mail spam is still one of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience. The task is accomplished by pros that target potential victims with authentic looking and well localized “invoices". The victim is baited into checking on a “canceled order" and the spammer's job is done. RDER YOU HAVE WON! CONFIRMATION 1 NEW CLICK HERE TO CLAIM THE PRIZE! MESSAGE! CANCELED ORDER INVOICE SOFT STEP 2 LINK THE SPAM TO AN "EXPLOIT KIT" Fortunately for bank robbers (and unfortunately for their victims), most people don't keep their web browsers and other installed software up to date. This means there's always plenty of known vulnerabilities to take advantage of which will give access to their computers. Exploit kits are easy to purchase on the web and there are numerous gangs selling exploit services. If only people patched more than once a year! (Too bad for them that they don't.) BACK DOOR STEP 3 Exploits open the door- IN WALKS A TROJAN DOWNLOADER This is where the computer is "infected" with a guest that won't easily go away. The trojan downloader can then be used to pull down any number of additional threats, including banking trojans. lim STEP 4 BANKING TROJAN The banking trojan is installed, and the bank robbers get to work. The spam, exploit, download part of the ecosystem has done its work! The infected computer is now under the control of a banking trojan gang which then monitors the computer for banking activity. Advanced banking trojans act in real time with "man-in-the-middle" attacks*. You think you're paying your bills but meanwhile, your money is going elsewhere. TEKH SLNCHLFE LOAE STEP 5 How to get the cash out from the bank? Hire some %24 MONEY MULES How to hire? Spam of course! The bait is typically a job offer for "money transfer agent" which is made out to be a legitimate job. The thieves claim to be a legit company which needs to outsource payroll, and then offers to transfer funds into the mule's account. The newly hired “employee" only needs to withdraw 90% of the funds and forward it on to the recipients (via an untraceable method, of course!). (Too bad for the mule when the bank investigators come knocking..) *The F-Secure broadband survey covered web interviews of 6,400 broadband subscribers aged 20-60 years from 14 countries: France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Canada, Brazil, India and Japan. The survey was completed by GfK, 25 May–1 June 2012. Copyright ©2012 F-Secure Corporation F-Secure. INVOICE %24

How to rob a bank in the 21st century

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F-Secure explores how banking trojans are the modern bank robbers, and what it takes for them to hack your cash






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