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How Much Time Can You Save by Using Technology to Get Organized?

How Much Time Can You Save By Using Technology To Get Organized? The Neat Company is the leader in Smart Organization. IN A NÉAT SURVEY OF OVER 200 SMALL BUSINESSES. Over 30% 40% 33% of respondents sut thut it takes up to 4 weeks To get paper-based business documents fled of TEspondents said that ir rakes up to1 hour to find and retrieve a fle from paper esinaled speriding between 8 ta 12 hours per morth fi ling current business documents and business-re ated paper storage IN ANOTHER NEAT SURVEY IN 2015.O Profess onals reported that using a digital Smart Organization System for document STorege makes finding a document "20 over tumes faster Thcy also reported that when preparing for texes and arganizing tax-related documents, a Smart Organization System saves an average of '1-3 m hours. Profess onals alse prefer digital documents to paper cocuments and reported that it s over 20 times faster ta send a d gita Cocument than il is to send a physical document 62% Turns out that people do want their documents of accountants believe the biggest beneit of using a Cleud-based system is that it can be accesaed from multiple locations readily available to them when they are remote. Construction contractors reported sperding abOut 78% 5-10 of construction and building contractors surveyed, reported that they are interested in a Smart Organization System ta ensure importart business information is accessible immediately hours esch month entering data from expense receipts and verdor invaices into accourting software and/or other business systems Using a Smart Organization SystemO individuals store 63% Receipts 29% Documents 8% Bus ness cards The average company incurs a labor cost of:" $20 $120 $220 to filc e peper to locete a misfled document To reproduce a lost documen document SOURCES All de te shown on this infographic are from Neat surveys except: ) CCH, a Wc ters kluwer Bus nE 35, Cloud compu ting amatter ci survival for the accounirg incusry? (2) InformIT article neat

How Much Time Can You Save by Using Technology to Get Organized?

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This Infograph shows you how you can get organized by using our technology.The Neat Company is the leader in smart organization.


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