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How much ram do you need for a laptop

What RAM Is Compatible with Your Motherboard ? Also known as In use Size Motherboards in modern computers supports DDR4 RAM . DDR3 0000/0008 DDR4 DDR4 should not be confused with DDR3 , the previous generation of SDRAM Speeds HOW MUCH RAM DO YOU NEED Power Pins For A Laptop 8GB DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 SDRAM Since 2007 512 MB to 24 GB Speeds of between 800 and 2133 MT / s ( million transfers per second ) Maximum - 1.5 Volts Low voltage - 1.35 Volts 240 - pin module . SO - DIMMs have 204 pins . 40 % 4GB Older games may still work with 4GB of RAM , but for a wider range of games , at least 8GB is recommended . 80 % 16 GB The recommended amount of RAM for most games is 16GB , In addition , you will be able to run applications in the background without interfering with gameplay . 16 GB DDR4 How much RAM do you need for gaming ? Sneha It Solutions DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 Since 2014 Finally , how much RAM you require for gaming will be determined by your budget and use case . Before making a purchase , ensure that the RAM specifications meet your specific requirements . 2 GB to 128 GB Speeds of between 2133 and 4266 MT / s ( million transfers per second ) Maximum - 1.2 Volts Low voltage - 1.05 Volts 288 - pin module . SO - DIMMs have 260 pins . Spaced closer together than DDR3 . 60 % 8GB With 8GB of RAM , you'll be able to play some games , but some games may not run at the highest quality , and you may have to close other applications . 95 % 32 GB With 32GB , you can enjoy graphically enhanced gameplay while also doing other things in the background , such as livestreaming , using Chrome , system software , or Spotify . What RAM Should You Get for Your Gaming PC ? +91 9041813480

How much ram do you need for a laptop

shared by snehaitsolutions123 on Oct 11
How much ram do you need? The answer depends on what kind of work you plan to run on your computer and how much graphics processing power you need. Some common uses include graphic design, video edit...


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