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How Journalists (will) use Natural Language Processing

HOW JOURNALISTS (will) USE NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING from big data to news articles Information age. Huge volume of data. Journalists have too many documents to read manually. In order to cope with the information overload they can use text mining tools. By using NLP, they can delegate the routine tasks to the machine and concentrate on the core activities, i.e. writing the story. Some of the things they can do with NLP are to Gather and summarize information www Pull data from multiple news sources related to a topic. Thanks to automatic text summarization, prepare abstracts of the most important points in the latest news. Explore content Visualige Data Cluster news articles, explore and detect topics, analyse news trends and patterns. For example, detect social media trends. Further analyse the content, creating chord diagrams, timeseries, network diagrams. Understand relationships better. Detect big stories. RAMMER MACHINE LEARNING linguistics ATA NGUAC text Mir Create better headlines Detect opinions Classify information to extract aggreement/disaggreeement patterns in news blogs. Use it to extract predictive or factual patterns. Find out witty headlines, metaphors. Make your headlines SEO friendly. Give them more sharability on social media. ★★★ Join SHAREFEEDBACK SEO KEYWORD Comnunity Follow Search People ESOCIAL NETWORK Create timelines Automize fact checking Using automatic generation of timelines out of news stories, carry out temporal analysis. A faster, smarter fact checking process is not far. 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 Sources: Proceedings of the Natural Language Processing meets Journalism 2016 ( prototype-winner-using-natural-language-processing-solve-journalisms-commenting-problem/ Natural-language-generation-progresses-from-robo-journalism-to-finance ENLP

How Journalists (will) use Natural Language Processing

shared by nagihano on Oct 07
Based on recent proceedings in the field, possible ways that journalists can make use of NLP technology are summarized in the infographic.


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