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How Engineering Simulation Improves The Design of Oil and Gas Equipment and Processes

HOW ENGINEERING SIMULATION IMPROVES THE DESIGN O OF OIL AND GAS EQUIPMENT AND PROCESSES Engineering simulation software can help identify problems early in the product design process under real-world conditions and perform the necessary modifications to improve performance, reliability, quality and safety. WHAT HAS CHANGED? ||| The project's cost and complexity, increased environmental stewardship, perforation of ad- vanced electronic, sensors and smart technologies, global collaboration, access to hydrocar- bon resources reserves (deeper, further and colder), increased production from unconven- tional resources. CAPEX and OPEX cost of current projects Companies spend a tremendous amount of money to develop fields, drill, produce, transport and refine hydrocarbons. CAPEX budgets Top 5 largest oil & gas projects (2014) for major oil and gas companies (2014) Saudi Aramco 360.000 BPD: 12.7 million CAPEX: USD 20 billion South Pars Ph 11-13-18 Iran - Various companies Gazprom 200.000 BPD: 8.1 million CAPEX: USD 19.5 billion Chicontepec (Exp 2) National Iranian Oil Co - Mexico - PEMEX BPD: 6.1 million CAPEX: USD 36 billion 170.000 Jack - USA - CHEVRON ExxonMobil BPD: 5.3 million 160.000 CAPEX: USD 39.8 billion Block 17 CLOV - Angola - TOTAL Rosneft 150.000 Egina - Nigeria - SHELL BPD: 4.6 mi CAPEX: USD 19.6 billion BDP - Barrels of Oil & Natural Gas Equivalent per Day OVERVIEW OF COSTS The following costs do not include the costs associated with the risk of an explosion and leakage or spill prevention of oil. The 2 high-level costs eating into companies' margins: US$ 428,000 Cost of a well: A semisub (4000' + well drilling) costs on average per day US $51,000 Cost of an offshore platform: costs on average per day Daily cost of rig rental: $500,000 for deepwater platforms & more than $600,000 for those under special conditions, such as market conditions, material prices, equipment prices, exchange rates, labor, rig specifications, structural weight, water depth, operating environment and equipment specifications. Price of oil rigs have tripled since 2003 Other costs: ww Building deepwater rigs costs between $600 million and $650 million VALUE OF GETTING IT RIGHT (Case in point: British Petroleum) $42.4 BILLION $38 BILLION Cost saving for spill cleanup, compensation for victims and fines & penalties: Downtime cost reduction Amount of assets saved Lower costs & strong profit margins, which may increase profits From Well (Oil) to Wheel (Car) One way to control cost is to develop technology. Engineering simulation solutions from ANSYS are used in all aspects of oil and gas product design and analysis to help reduce risk, increase reliability and ensure product performance. There are More than 1/2 of the world top 100 oil and gas companies by revenue use ANSYS solutions over 100 known different applications areas where ANSYS software solutions are used Engineering objectives includes: Reduce non-productive time Energy efficiency and Power generation Smart production Retrieved dropped objects or failed equipment Reliable electronic design Increase Drilling speed Flow assurance Drill in high temperature and high-pressure wells Well and production control : Sand and produced water management Flow control Reduce environmental impact Reduce water use OIL AND GAS EQUIPMENT Starting point: Reservoir Drilling: BHA (bottom hole assembly), drill bit, motors, turbines, stabilizers, rig design and various stages of their use from reservoir to off- shore oil and gas processing - Down-hole tools: gas-lift devices, injectors, pumps, valves, flow control devices, sensors, logging and measuring (LWD, MWD) Engineering objectives: - Well-head: blow up preventer, separators, valves, seals OFFSHORE - Subsea-to-surface (water-surface or onshore surface): turret, bundles, flexible pipes, mooring line, anchors, risers, insulation, ROV Subsea equipment: metal-to-metal seals, ROV, umbilical, actuators, flow meters, subsea power generation, boosting and compression offshore platform, marine equipment, drilling production, processing equipment, gas-processing equipment, floating LNG: blowers, compressors, gas turbine generators, crane for equipment handling, liquefaction plant, motor drive, vaporizers, sloshing Transport to shore -Ships, seafloor pipeline: pipelines, valve and fitting, compression, transportation Onshore - receiving stations, storage, LNG plants: valves, vacuum tower, hydro-treatment, pumps, 000 ONSHORE Refining, petrochemical, upgrading, Processing: Desalter, stirred tanks, pressure vessels, Reactor, crackers, extruder Onshore and unconventional: Facilities, water treatment- recycling, steam generation, emission control, pressure pumping equipment, power generation equipment Д How to achieve these objectives: ANSYS vision for simulation in the oil and gas industry Systematic shift to early stage physics based, high fidelity engineering analysis and product design using comprehensive solutions powered by high-performance computing, and design optimization Collaborative multi-user and multiscale simulation (component to subsystem and system) Single-platform multiphysics simulation Including fluids, structure, seismic, electromagnetic Consistence early adoption of simulation in product design Certification through analysis Failure analysis Multi disciplinary design optimization High-performance computing including cloud and supporting remote infrastructure Integrated product development processes - streamlined product development Sources: 1) ANSYS - 08G Corporate Presentation Update - March 2014 2) ANSYS - 3) The Wall Street Journal - 4) Bloomberg - 5) Library of Congress - 6) Infield The Energy Analysts - 7) Oil & Gas 1Q Countdown 2014 - 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) Offshore Rig Day Rates -

How Engineering Simulation Improves The Design of Oil and Gas Equipment and Processes

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Engineering simulation software can identify problems early in the product design process under real-world conditions and perform the necessary modifications to improve performance, reliability, quali...




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