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How to Disappear From the Internet

HOW TO COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR- FROM THE INTERNET A QUICK AND SIMPLE GUIDE Since the birth of the internet, people all over the world have posted their personal data, embarrassing photos and heated opinions to various websites, forums and social media platforms, to the point where many of our lives are now open books. DID YOU KNOW? Globally, we upload 350 million new photos each day to Facebook! That's 14.58 million photo uploads per hour, 243,000 photo uploads per minute, and 4,000 photo uploads per second. ALL THIS PERSONAL DATA ON SHOW CAN HAVE CONSEQUENCES Increasingly, HACKERS are selling our personal (and financial) data to the highest bidder. In 2018 alone, one billion, WHAT THE ***?! Remember that shocking photo you uploaded to Facebook, or that rant you had on Twitter about The eight hundred and sixty-three million, five hundred thousand Last Jedi? Well, they're still up there for any future employer to see. In fact, an estimated 70% of employers screen candidates on social media 1,863,500,008 personal records were stolen from companies, including from huge sites like Facebook and Under before hiring - meaning relationships are potentially at stake if they discover your not-so-proudest moments. Armour. DID YOU KNOW? 57% of Americans using social media have posted or texted something that they regret. Whilst more men (20%) than women (8%) worry that it might negatively affect their careers. SO, ARE YOU READY TO PULL THE PLUG? Even if it's just a little clear out, toning down your social media posts and making them private can help maintain a lower profile online. But if you want to go the whole hog, strap yourself in and prepare to disappear... FIRST STEPS: SOCIAL MEDIA VISIBILITY 100% TWITTER (Founded: 2006, ~325 million active users) 1. Click on your profile picture Search Twitter Tweet Miss Terious Lady @miss terlous Jady 8 Profile O Lists * Moments Edit profile 2 Twitter Ads ili Analytics 2 val ers find Settings and privacy dogd... Help Center Keyboard shortcuts roet Log out ra mi... Night mode reet 8 Find people you know 2. Select "Settings and privacy" 3. Under "Account", scroll to the bottom 4. Select "Deactivate your account" Bockad scoourts Content nte afe o od Teine ow the bost Teens frst Te yc re te our fut achive equst you ae tanng ne e ng wth your A w y o t Deactvata vour pcopurt 5. Twitter will prompt you for your password You con restore your Twmer account ift was occidentsy or wonguy descvateci for up to Some account information may stit be nnlable in search enginen, suen as Googie or Bing Deactivate account Re-enter your Twitter password to deactivate @miss_tencus lady Password 5 Forgot your password? Cancel Deactivete aocount YOU HAVE FLOWN THE NEST f FACEBOOK (Founded: 2004, ~2.2 billion active users) 1. Click on your menu (top right) Miss Terious Home Create Your Pages: 2. Select "Settings" Manage Pages New Groups fl Search Advertising on Facebook 0° General Activity Log 20+ Security and Login News Feed Preferences f Your Facebook Settings Information Log Out 3. Select "Your Facebook information" 4. Desktop Select "Delete your account and information" Your Facebook Information You can view or download your information and delete your account at any time. Access Your lnformation View your information by category. Download Your Information Downioad a copy of your information to keep, or to transfer to anather service. Activity Log View and manage your information and some settings. Managing Your Information Learn more about how you can manage your information. Delete Your Account and Permanently delete your Facebook account and information. Information Mobile Select "Account ownership and control" Select "Deactivation and deletion" 5. Choose whether you want temporary or permanent deletion Permanently Delete Account If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, let us know. Once the deletion process begins, you won't be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added. Learn more about account deletion. O To Keep Messenger, Deactivate Instead Keep in mind that when you delete your Facebook account, Messenger will also be deleted, including your messages Deactivate Account Download Your Information You have 607 photos, 1K posts and more uploaded to Facebook. If you want to save this information before your account and content is permanently deleted, you can download a copy of your Download Info information. I Edit Page Admin Settings You are the only admin for 1 Page. This Page will no longer be published if you delete or deactivate your account. You must add an additional admin to keep the Page active and accessible. Edit Admin Settings Cancel Delete Account YOU ARE NOW FACE-LESS in LINKEDIN (Founded: 2002,~500 million active users) 1. Click on your profile picture Jobs Messaging Notifications Me - 2. Select Miss Terious Lady Missing in action "Settings & Privacy" View profile ACCOUNT Settings & Privacy Help Center 3. Scroll dovwn to the bottom of the page and select "Closing your Linkedln account" Account Privacy Ads 6. View Microsoft accounts you've connected to your Linkedin ac Login and security Permitted Services Site preferences View services you've authorized and manage data sharing Subscriptions and payments Twitter settings Partners and services Manage your Twitter info and activity on your Linkedin account |Account management Account management Merging Linkedin accounts Transfer connections from a duplicate account, then close it Closing your Linkedin account Learn about your options, and close your account if you wish 4. Confirm your deletion YOU HAVE LINKED-OUT INSTAGRAM (Founded: 2010, ~800 million active users) 1. Click on your profile icon O Instagram a Search 2. Scroll to the footer of the page and select "PRIVACY" ABOUT US SUPPORT PRESS API JOBS PRIVACY TERMS DIRECTORY PROFILES 3. Click on "Managing Your Account" then "Delete Your Account" Help Centre Help Centre - Managing Your Acco Using Instagram Privacy Settings & Information Managing Your Account > Delete Your Account Instagram for Business > Account and Notification Settings Troubleshooting and Login Help Adding Accounts Privacy and Safety Center Verified Badges 4. Confirm your deletion INSTA-SCRAM! PHEW! This should make it a little harder for snooping employees and friends to find those embarrassing pics and posts. But if you want to go further you're going to have to start digging around a bit. 2 GO FURTHER: FIND YOURSELF VISIBILITY 50% Unless you're some kind of genius who remembers your entire lifetime internet history, you're going to need to Google yourself... and Bing yourself and so on... until you find all the places you might have left personal data behind. Google Miss Terious_ Once you find something, login to that site or service and delete your account and any comments, pictures etc you might have uploaded. FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD? Most sites have an option to reset via your email; if not, contact the site administrators and get your offline on. PASSWORDI. P4SSWORD123!.. P45$WORD_123! P45$WORD_123!^%GAHHH! There are also plenty of sites that offer direct links to account deletion pages (such as There are also free, or paid-for services, that will do all the hard work for you such as DeleteMe (PAID) or (FREE). WHAT IF I CAN'T DELETE MYSELF? Sometimes, you can't delete an account, or a comment. It's there forever! Well, don't panic, simply login and change your personal details. Now it looks like a total stranger made those ridiculous comments! JOHN BROWN WIPE YOURSELF FROM THE SEARCH If you live in the EU, then you've got access to the URL removal tool from Google. You have to fill out a fair bit of information, but it might be the only way to wipe certain instances of personal data. FINAL STEPS: UNSUBSCRIBE VISIBILITY 25% LAST CHANCE! SPECIAL OFFER SALE SOUND FAMILIAR? Our inboxes are continually bombarded with emails from companies trying to sell us stuff. The good news is that each of these emails SHOULD come with an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom. Considering the average person has 130 active accounts per email address you've got quite a job on your hands, but persevere and send them on their way! UNSUBSCRIBE YOU SURE? WHYYYY?! HOW FAR DO YOU GO? If you've gone through the above steps, the chances are there'lIl still be some of your personal data out there. However, you've made a good job of making it harder to find. If you're serious about disappearing completely though, you need to take the final step and delete your emails. IMPORTANT: If you DO delete your email, you need to be aware this is a FINAL STEP – there's NO GOING BACK. Taking this step might mean you lose access to important services and reminders (e.g. tax reminders, password reset and login emails, bank security updates..) not to mention emails from loved ones. THE FUTURE: KEEP A LOW PROFILE VISIBILITY -1% Even if you succeed in completely removing yourself from the internet, the chances are you'll still want to use the web. So how can you keep a low profile and in control of your personal data? CHOOSE YOUR PSEUDONYM... DAVE (?) Become somebody else, choose a cryptic email addres... AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA If you absolutely MUST have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account because FOMO, then make sure you go deep into your settings and set everything to private / only visible to friends etc, and be wary of oversharing information... BROWSE PRIVATELY SHOP LOCAL Always use private mode when browsing, or better still use a search engine like If you buy anything online, you're going to have to reveal certain personal data. If you shop local, you don't. Simple. Even better - use cash when possible. DuckDuckGo which is anonymous and doesn't collect data on your search history. Search_ Q B 10 GO OFF RADAR Turn off the GPS on your phone to prevent any apps from tracking your whereabouts, daily activities and trends. Don't use 4G or public wifi. Ideally, ditch the smartphone and go low tech. YOU DID IT! YOU BECAME INVISIBLE! JUST ON THE INTERNET THOUGH - DON'T TRY SNEAKING UP ON PEOPLE IN THE STREET... SOURCES Brought to you by: WWw.WDSTORAGE.CO.UK WD Secure Storage Document Archive

How to Disappear From the Internet

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In case you hadn't noticed, the internet has become something of a nightmarish hellscape where everyone hates each other, everyone wants each other to know just how much they hate everyone and the onl...


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