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How Dirty Is your Computer

How MUCKY Is your computer? In a recent study, out of 33 were considered a Health Hazard. computers tested for bacteria, Computer keyboards are on average 5 times dirtier filthy than a toilet seat and mice 3 times dirtier than a toilet seat (Yuck.) 150x over acceptable bacteria limit 90x over acceptable bacteria limit clean Cold & Flu droplets can stay on surfaces for up to 48 hours... 48h And if you eat at your computer ...So if you hot-desk or share a computer with someone else, you re much more likely to pick up something nasty. you Il have much more bacteria growth on your equipment than someone who doesn t. (as well as crumbs in your keys). According to the Food and Drug Administration in the US, employers annually lose around Which works out at a 15 Mili workdays $20bn, n $25bn to to the common cold... annual cost to businesses in the United States alone. To keep your computer clean and germ-free as possible, shake out any loose crumbs or debris (don't drop it though!) spray all the hard-to get to places with compressed air and vacuum up the bits... and finally give everything a good wipe-down %3D WIPES Check out the table below to find out which type of wipe is best for you... So which wipes to use? Great for Kils the nasty bacteria that can loiter on your laptop, but won't get rid of germs and viruses Kills most living micro-organisms including germs and viruses, but be careful what surfaces you use them on! reat for ensuring getting rid of general muck, not so good for the nasty stuff you can't see you can actualy see your screen muck the computer BABY WIPES SCREEN ANTI-BAC DISINFECTANT WIPES WIPES WIPES Kills Bacteria х Kills Viruses х Kills Germs х Use them on my screen Gets rid of visible grime Use them on me (eg hands) ? х х Use on other computer surfaces Sources: joannełarticle-2125087How-office-mouse- carries-THREE-TIMES-germs-toilet-seat html we Disinfectant-Wipes?&id=4134552 wipes disinfectant.html .com protection-agencylcolds-and-flu-in-the-workplace-a-headache-for-empl/ dean-touch-screen-monitors.html

How Dirty Is your Computer

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Is your computer a bio-hazard zone? The everyday computer keyboard is on average 5 times dirtier than TOILET SEAT! Cold and flu droplets can stay on surfaces for up to 48 hours. With cold and f...


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