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How to Create the Ultimate Mailshot

bakergoodchild HOW T O CREATE THE ULTIMATE MAILSHOT A mailshot is a form of marketing that has to stand out from other post on the recipient's doormat. It needs to have a clear and simple message, and it also needs to be attention-grabbing. Here are s ome handy tips on how to create the ultimate mailshot and, most importantly, getting your recipients to contact you! Regardless of the type of mailshot you're sending out, it needs to follow these essential marketing rules: MAILSH OT ESS ENTIALS Your mailshot must be bespoke, and can be a flyer, postcard, or multi-component pack Make it personalised, as if you only mailed the recipient and no-one else It needs to be able to fit through even the smallest of letterboxes with ease You must give your recipients a reason for opening your mailshot AVOID THESE MARKETING MISTAKES Make sure that your mailshot is memorable for the right reasons, not the wrong ones: DON'T Send a "“Dear sir/madam" mailing, address it to your recipient Bore your recipient to death with paragraphs of rambling text Use fonts that make it hard for people to read Slander your competitors as it's unprofessional GRAB Y OUR RECIPIENT'S ATT ENTION You only have a moment of your recipient's time to grab their attention: Use a clever headline to make them notice your mailshot first Get straight to the point and make your message clear Back up your sales copy with relevant facts and figures Make your contact details prominent, so that they know whom to contact Once you have grabbed their attention, you will then need to keep them hooked: KEEP THEM HO OKED Show your Explain to them why they can Keep any technical Make sure recipient how you understand their problem your copy is written talk to a benefit from minimum by a professional buying your product or service SEAL THE DE AL If they haven't thrown your mailshot away by now, they are highly likely to buy from you at this point so it's time to seal the deal: Make sure you provide full contact details for them to take advantage of your mailing Consider offering a free trial, as this shows what you're offering is right for them Free Trial Use a subliminal closing message, such as **when you call us, ..." Add a "PS" at the end of your mailing to entice your reader even further PS bakergoodchild

How to Create the Ultimate Mailshot

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Mailshots are still a top marketing strategy.Since the introduction of the World Wide Web and email becoming a favoured form of communication, it was thought that the old-fashioned sales strategy of u...


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