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How to Build a Credible Blog [Infographic]

How to Build a Credible Blog Important Factors That Add Credibility to Your Blog To create a powerful blog, it's important to make sure that people will find it trustworthy and want to return to it to read blog posts day after day. So I wanted to find out what aspects contribute to a blog's credibility. I prepared a list of questions on what factors add credibility to a blog and conducted a survey and received answers from participants comprising of bloggers, marketers and business owners. The answers have been displayed in the graphs below. Do blogs themselves add credibility to a website? 80 60 50 40 68.52% 30 20 31.48% 10 Yes No Yes they do. 68.52% of respondents answered yes. Blogs can be used to help display your expertise. So make sure that you set up one and begin contributing to it. Now we will go into more detail and look at what specific factors add credibility to a blog... Which factors add credibility to a blog? Quality Content 30 % Good Design 17 % Regular Publication of Content 15% Good Social Media Presence 13% Number of Good Authors 12% Comments 2% Number of Positive Testimonials/ References 5% Visitors 2% High Number of Subscribers Awards or Badges 1% (Email/RSS) 3% As expected, the most popular answer chosen by the participants was quality content, which received 30% of the responses. Other important factors include good design, regular publication of content, good social media presence, and good authors. How do you measure social presence or influence of a blog? High Number of Blog Post Shares With High Number of Social Media Social Media 41.67% Followers 31.48% Social Media Social Media Mentions 12.96% Updates 7.41% Score on Social Influence Measuring Tools 6.48% People measure the social presence of a blog by looking at the number of social media shares the blog posts receive and the number of followers the blog's social media accounts possess. 41.67% look at the number of shares, and 31.48% look at the number of followers. So make sure to not only add share buttons to your blog posts, but also display the number of times the blog posts are being shared, especially if you receive a good amount of shares. Along with the social media follow buttons on your blog, display the number of followers you already have. Which social networks add most credibility to a blog? Facebook 46.30% LinkedIn 27.78% Twitter 19.44% Pinterest 1.85% Google+ 4.63% Respondents chose that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter were the most important social media that add credibility to a blog. 46.30% chose Facebook, 27.78% chose LinkedIn, and Twitter was chosen by 19.44%. So make sure you improve your presence on these social networks and use them to gain more followers and blog post shares. Do multiple or single authors add more credibility to a blog? 80 70 60 50 40 30 62.96% 20 37.04% 10 Multiple Authors Single Authors A majority of the respondents, 62.96% to be exact felt that multiple authors add more credibility to a blog, an important reason to consider guest posts. Guest posts can help you attract new audiences, build relationships, and help you receive quality content from people who specialize in different subjects. What types of blog content add most credibility? eBooks (White Papers, Guides, Reports, etc.) Written Articles 44.44% 19.44% Visuals (Infographics, Graphs, Charts, etc.) Videos 14.81% 14.81% Audio (Podcast, Interviews, etc.) 3.70% Webinars 1.85% Slides 0.93% As seen in the above graph, written articles carry the highest amount of credibility. This was chosen by 44.44% of the participants. Other credible forms of content include eBooks (in the form of white papers, guides, and reports), visuals (in the form of infographics and charts), and videos. What category of blog content is most credible? Case Study 36.11% How-to 27.78% News 12.04% Stories 10.19% Interviews 7.41% Reviews 3.70% Surveys/Polls 1.85% What If Posts 0.93% Content belonging to the case study category carry the highest credibility with 36.11% of the participants. The how-to category, which was also popular, was chosen by 27.78% of the participants. People felt that news and stories also add credibility. What factors destroy blog credibility? Bad Content 23.84% Bad Design 21.35% Fake Social Media Negative Content 13.17% Followers 17.44% Advertisements 11.74% No Shares 4.27% No or Few Subscribers No Comments 3.91% (Email/RSS) 4.27% Respondents felt that bad content (chosen by 23.84%) and bad design (chosen by 21.35%) are the main factors that destroy credibility. Other factors that can destroy credibility are fake social media followers, negative content and advertisements. As you can see from the above survey, a great blog is more than just quality content or good design. Other factors like social media presence, the type of content, and authors play a key role, too. So make sure you use the different stats in this infographic to build better blogs. By Mitt Ray, Founder of Social Marketing Writing Sm SOCIAL MARKETING WRITING Percentage Percentage 70

How to Build a Credible Blog [Infographic]

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We all want credible blogs. But credibility isn't something that blogs attain instantly. It is something that can be achieved by taking certain steps. I wanted to find out what these steps are. So I c...


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