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How to Backup Important Data

HOW TO BACKUP IMPORTANT DATA DO YOU KNOW THE LIFETIME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE INFORMATION OR DATA ON YOUR COMPUTER COULD BE LOST, IF: The hard drive in your computer fails Your computer is lost or stolen Your computer is in a fire or other event BACK UP YOUR DATA BACK UP YOUR DATA ON A WINDOWS PC ON A MAC WHAT YOU'LL NEED WHAT YOU'LL NEED 1) A Hard Drive. Grab a secondary hard drive of equal or greater capacity to the machine you want to back up. Preferrably, this should be an external drive, or an external network SAN drive such as Western Digital's very affordable "My World Book" SAN drive. 1) A Hard Drive. You should have a secondary hard drive of equal or greater capacity to the hard drive you want to back up. 2) Software. Some back up software from third party vendors. Or, if you're Unix savvy, you can get by with rsync and cron, which are built in to Mac OS X. 2) Software. You can use one of the programs Microsoft ships with its operating system, or you can use third party app. HOW TO RECOVER LOST DATA IF ACCIDENTALLY DELETE When you delete data from your PC it doesn't immediately disappear and turn into digital dust: your PC simply redesignates the deleted files as "free space," so later files can be written over the files that have been "deleted.". TO FOLLOW ARE 5 ACTIONS TO AVOID WHEN TRYING TO RECOVER DATA DON'T save documents and files DON'T restart your computer DON'T start or run new DON'T install DON'T compress your email files a new programs program DISADVANTAGES OF ONLY MAKING BACKUP You are not in full control of $4 Security risks from hackers your files High costs Initial backup may take very long Introducing Data Recovery Software You need to take both backup and recovery. Backup without thinking about recovery is not actually backup. Recover Everything on Mac Data Loss Scenarios Support Massive Device Supported Recover almost all kinds of data from Resotre files lost because of deletion, Support data recovery for local Mac drive, external hard drive. digital your Mac, including images, videos, formatting, system error, virus infection, documents, emails, audio files and etc. camera, USB drive, memory card, etc. more. Powerful Preview and Recovery Flexible Recovery Operations East-to-use Mac Data Recovery 90% Deep scan feature that scans your You can pause and resume scanning The program processes Mac data drive completely. Preview found whenever you want. The scanning recovery within a few easy clicks, no images, documents, videos, emails and result can be saved for next time use special skills are needed. recover them with original names and too structures. sources up-your-computer.html,2817,2405876,00.asp iskysoft

How to Backup Important Data

shared by selenalee on May 16
How to backup your important data? Did you remember the horrible moments that your important photos or messages are gone by accidentally deletion and you couldn't get them back? Please read on this in...




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