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History of Link Building for SEO

HISTORY OF LINK BUILDING FOR SEO Back in the day, when we were primitive SEO monkeys running around doing link exchanges and worshipping page rank, links meant a whole lot more than they do today. It seems we have matured now, and take a more holistic approach to SEO, most of us anyway... Links however still remain a very important part of SEO. In this infographic we explore the different types of link building trends' over time... In the late 90's web masters soon discovered that the way to game search engines and rank highly was through getting links back to their site. The easiest way to do this was to 'exchange' links with other websites. 1999 Link Exchanges your website Once link exchanges were out the window, webmasters tried there luck by simply mass emailing websites and asking or 'begging' 2000 Email Link Requests them for a link. 2001 "Submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo!, as well as to other industry-specific exper Google gave webmasters an inch and they took a mile. SEO directories sprung up everywhere! Directory tes." Submission your website With the popularity of blogs rising and almost everyone you know having a blog, commenting and joining discussions on blog became a way to gain backlinks... 2003 Blog Comments 2004 Article marketing if done correctly is a great way to leverage an established domains authority and ranking power, by posting an article. The article then may be ranked in google for certain terms giving you visitors and a link, aswell as earning the article directory potential advertising revenue. Article Submission The blogroll used to be a placed reserved for friends and recommended blogs. Blog 2005 Blogroll Links owners found they could earn a lot of money by selling a post in their sidebar. These became automated with link networks and heavily abused. 2006 Paid For Links Webmasters started getting clever and touting webmasters for links by offering payments. Google later on pushed the nofollow tag to help web masters stay safe when selling non-editorial text links. Matt Cutts and the gang hit hard on link networks like TLA in 2007 and the art of text link selling became very much underground 2007 TLA Link Networks ever since. 2008 The infamous fake story that Lyndon Antcliffe created for (which incidentally got them banned) hit the SEO headlines in 2008. It did however gain 1000s of links. Linkbait Towards the end of the 2000s, Guest 1son6 website Blogging rose as a popular link building strategy. Even though it had innocently been around since the birth of 'blogs', it hadn't been used anywhere near as much as in the late 2000s for SEO & link building. 2009 Guest Blogging 2010 Broken link building became popular with many SEO agencies in the late 2000's. Link builders would basically go out and find broken links on authoritative websites, and Broken Link Building ask the webmaster to replace the broken link with a link to their client. Press Releases have always been used to mimic popularity and gain links. Press Releases can be a great way of announcing new products or milestones, but do sometimes get abused. 2011 Press Releases Blog Networks provided an easy way for link builders to get links from hundreds or thousands of high PR blogs, mostly low quality, and full of spun, irrelevant content. Infamously, BuildMyRank became targeted by Google. 2012 Blog Networks The Future... Who Knows? With social signals supposedly having effects on rankings, we may see a surge in Facebook likes & tweet services become popular in the underworld. For the majority of 'serious' SEO companies and brands out there I think we will see an even bigger push on the content side of things and 'real' marketing, as search engines get cleverer and SEO becomes more about 'awesomeness' than algorithm hacking. Fat Joe

History of Link Building for SEO

shared by taylordavies8788 on Nov 28
Having been the industry for a while, we have seen a lot of the changes on the link building scene first hand. Only the old school veterans will remember the link exchange rush and when you could rank...


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