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The History of File Sharing

THE HISTORY OF FILE SHARING GLOBAL FILE SHARING 7000 6231 6090 6130 5712 6000 4968 5000 File sharing is rising. Find out more and learn where it came from. 4000 3384 3000 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 USENET 1978 Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis creates Usenet. Its purpose was to engage people in discussions on topics in newsgroups with the opportunity of file sharing. Nowadays file sharing is in the focus of Usenet. #IRC 1988 1985 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is founded by Jakko Oikarinen. Its main features were group private standardized in RFC 959. The main function of it was to let files communication, chat and data transfer as well as file sharing. properly upload and download from a central server. gnutella gnutella gnutella 1999 Napster was created by Shawn Fanning. It was the first centralized peer-to-peer file sharing system. Later that year the first lawsuits were filed against Napster by RIAA for transferring copyrighted material. It was shut down in July, 2001. MARCH, 2000 Gnutella is created and became the first decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing network. freenet BitTorrent JULY, 2001 JULY, 2000 BitTorrent is released by Bram Cohen. It's the most popular communication protocol for P2P file sharing. Freenet is created by lan Clarke where files were distributed within the computers of Freenet users. The purpose of it was to protect anonymity. 150HUNT 2002 JANUARY, 2003 Rapidshare, a one-click hosting service was created by Christian Schmid. It was shut down in 2015. IsoHunt Torrent was founded by Gary Fung. MEGAUPLOAD #1 2005 NOVEMBER, 2003 Megaupload was created by Kim Dotcom. It was one of the most The Pirate Bay Torrent tracker is founded. In 2009, it was plead guilty. popular one-click hosting service until it was shut down in 2012. 2008 2012 DropBox was founded and released to the public. Google launched Google Drive. MEGAUPLOAD NOW As you could see, file sharing has evolved over the years. More than 20 million users share files every 2013 Mega was launched. It's the successor of Megaupload. day on different platforms. STATISTICS An average of 28 million users share files through P2P networks every day An average of 6 billion users share files through P2P networks every year MOST COMMONLY SHARED FILES THROUGH P2P NETWORKS IN 2017 Movies 5B TV Series 2.5B Games 1.8 B Music 1B TOP FILE SHARING COUNTRIES Daily average of users share files #1 #2 RUSSIA CHINA 4 million 3 million #3 #4 #5 BRAZIL INDIA UNITED STATES 1.6 million 1.5 million 1.3 million SOURCES P2P-networks peer-networks-2017 sharing-countries-in-2017 internet-traffic-through-filesharing piracy-is-decreasing-you-havent-looked-at-the-data-2/ Petabytes Σ

The History of File Sharing

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