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The History of Cyber Warfare

/cyber cyber, * [the history ofl LOL Be not afraid, warfare; f I'm protected by ANTI-VIRUS! 2003-2006 Worm viruses created in 1970's Worm attacks go back to the 1970s' “ancestor worms" 2003-2006 compromise computers which become members of the which are highly evolved and sophisticated today. Botnet farms. 2005-2007 Internet Mafias like the RBN Russian Business Network 2005-Present (RBN) proliferate their reign on the web. Hackers in China attack computers in the U.S. Attacks of this nature are still continuing even today. August 13, 2006 Botnet Herders attack Microsoft wormhole. January 2007 1 million computers remotely controlled network of "zombie" computers that has been linked by the Storm Worm, a Trojan horse spread through e-mail spam. June 13, 2007 SPAAAAA AAAAMI SPAMI FBI operation called “Bot Roast". The FBI goes after Botnet farms. вот NET BUREAU September 7, 2007 Multi-stage Botnet attack on E-bay. August 27, 2008 NASA confirmed that a worm was ebay discovered on laptops on the International Space Station. AHASA November 30, 2008 Pentagon computers were hacked by computer hackers suspected of working from Russia. December 25, 2008 India's largest bank, the State Bank of India, was hacked by a hacker group from Pakistan. State Bark of hda January 8, 2009 Israeli students developed a program that allows Israeli citizens' computers to be controlled by an Israeli Hacker group that targets Pro-Hamas websites. December 2009 Along with a Zero day attack on IE 6, 34 American companies were compromised including Google. During these attacks, intellectual property was stolen. China denies being involved in the attacks. Summer 2009 Insurgents compromise U.S. Drones. $26 off-the-shelf Russian software was used by the insurgents to intercept live video feeds. Google $261 VIDEQ SPY: Powered By LEWISUNIVERSITY Source - VIRUS SPAMI

The History of Cyber Warfare

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From governments to major corporations, cyber attacks are growing rapidly in scope and frequency across the globe. These attacks may soon be considered an "act of war" so having the latest information...


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