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The history of connectivity

HISTORY OF CONNECTIVITY 1970 1970 WERE ALL ABOUT THE RISE 1971 1ST EMAIL SENT in USA by Ray Tomlinson OF THE COMPUTER X 56K Wire X WiFi 2000 X 128K Wire X 3G UK Designed Computers sold X Cable Broadbrand X 4G of people 58% believe that computers, tablets and mobile phones have made us more productive, 1973 PONG Office of National Statistics figures suggest only a 2% rise in productivity since 1973. Became recognised as the 1st home video game when it was developed into a console that plugged into the back of a TV. A simula- tion of tennis, Pong saw families interacting with their TVs for the first time. The console was quickly copied with over 500 similar systems flooding the market. 1975 Apple Computers was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac 1977 The Apple II - was launched and cost 2 Email accounts 1979 were set up £2400 in today's money. 1977 50 xM 1980 50 Email accounts 1980 were set up UK consumers considered programming was the most important function of a computer followed by game playing and home accounting. c:\- WERE ALL ABOUT THE 1981 SHRINKING OF THE COMPUTER TO DESKTOP X 56K Wire X WiFi The first mobile phones, X 128K Wire х 3G referred to as First Generation or 1G, were introduced to the public market in 1983 by the Motorola Company. X Cable Broadbrand X 4G 1983 1.000.000 On 1 January 1985 Ernie Wise made the UKs first mobile call 13% of homes in the UK 1989 already have computer over a network from St Katherine's Dock. there were 1 million email addresses world- wide 1985 During the 1990s, great improvements were made in the mobile phone technology. These phones used Second Generation, or 2G technology 1990 1990 There were 3 million 1991 email addresses worldwide WERE ALL ABOUT THE RISE OF MOBILE CONNECTIVITY 3.000.000 56K Wire WiFi 128K Wire х 3G X Cable Broadbrand X 4G Engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS message on 3 1992 December 1992 - it read "Happy Christmas" The most common type of connection used in the UK during the 1990s. Depending on your modem, the best connection speed is 56K. Broadband overtook dial-up in May 2005, and now makes up 56K Modem over 80% of net connections in the UK. invented by Dr 1996 Brent Townshend 400 MILLION WiFi Vic Hayes has been called the "father of Wi-Fi" because There were 400 he chaired the IEEE 1999 million email committee that created the 10% 1998 - only ten per cent of households had internet access addresses worldwide 802.11 standard in 1997 1997 () Broadband launches in the UK, with Telewest offering cable broadband with maximum speeds of 512 kilobits per second. 2000 2000 WERE ALL ABOUT THE RISE 30% Thirty per cent of households had internet access OF EMAIL POPULARITY AS A FORM OF CONNECTIVITY 56K Wire WiFi 128K Wire 3G Cable Broadbrand X 4G 9% 39% 33% Only 9 per cent of UK households have broadband, compared with 39 per cent in Germany and 33 per cent in Sweden. 2001 3G has been introduced by 3 (Although 3 is not technically the first 3G network in 2003 the British Isles as rival mobile firm 02 is already operating its network on the Isle of Man.) Blackberry first smartphone to offer email on the move 50% A 15.4 MILLION TODAY 2004 - fifty per cent of homes in the 2007 - households now online in the UK (Continental Research Autumn Internet Report) UK already have computer 56K Wire WiFi 128K Wire 3G Cable Broadbrand 4G 73% 53% 72% 83% ADULTS IN GREAT HAS ACCESS TO ADULTS BOUGHT HOUSEHOLDS HAVE BRITAIN ACCESSED INTERNET USING GOODS OR INTERNET ACCESS INTERNET EVERYDAY MOBILE PHONES SERVICE ONLINE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE LOSE CONNECTIVITY ? 1 in 10 people have left a venue because there was no wi-fi access. Retailers such as Debenhams and Tesco are beginning to roll out free wi-fi services in their stores. Sources: telecoms/electronics/10329499/The-rise-and-fall-of-BlackBerry.html ARC DESIGN

The history of connectivity

shared by stevenarc on Dec 11
This is describing history of connectivity start from 1970 until now (2013). We can found that it has been a massive changes in internet industry through several past decades. I hope this is informative.


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