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History of Computer Languages

A QUICK LOOK AT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES YEAR:1957 LANGUAGE: FORTRAN FORmulaTRANslation, is the oldest language still in use. Created by John Backus, the language was developed to perform high-level scientific, mathematical, statistical computations. The language is still used in aerospace, automotive industries, government, and research institutions. ) Used by NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE A LOOK AT THE CODE: Hello World in Fortran 77 C (lines must be b characters indented) Created in 1874t The arangement was set based on an analysis of keys likely to cause jams and g the OWERTY eart to separate offenders, like Tand H. increase tpine s QWERTY kevboard was responsible for the majority of computer languages ever created. PROGRAM REELECT URITE (UNIT*, FHT=) I like Ike' END YEAR:1959 LANGUAGE: COBOL common Business Oriented Language is behind the majority of transaction systems running credit card processing, ATM telenhone and calls, hospital systems, government, automotive systems, and traffic signal development te Systems. The Coniform, user-friam, lead by Dr. Grace Murray H language for business transactions. UNITED STATESS POSTAL SERVICE Used by UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE A LOOK AT THE CODE: IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. andardAlert. AUTHOR. Fabritius. ENVIRONMENT DIVISION. CONFIGURATION SECTION. INPUT-OUTPUT SECTION. DATA DIVISION. * TORAGE SECTION. LINKAGE SECTION. PROCEDURE DIVISION. In 1937, Binary Code was Claude Shannon's thesis on translating tert into mathematical code was the foundation for the first fully operational electromechanical computer Zuse's 1941 23 Computers still speak binary code, but most modern programmers never touch the Os and Is. DISPLAY "DANGER! DESTROY!". STOP RUN. YEAR: 1964 LANGUAGE: BASIC Developed by students at Dartmouth College, Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code was designed to be a simplified language for those without a strong technical or mathematical background. A modified version, written by Bill Gates and Paul Allen became Microsoft's first product. It was sold to M.LT.S. for the Altair. D INTEGER BASIC RAN THE ORIGINAL APPLE II IN 1977 A LOOK AT THE CODE: Basic has oves res of code in use, in 1975 there were only 4.000. 100 BEGIN 101 GOTO 1002 102 PRINT "HOU ABOUT A NICE GAME OF CHESSP" 103 END YEAR: 1969 LANGUAGE: C C was developed between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the Unix operating system. It was named "C" because its features were derived from an earlier language called "B." C had become powerful enough that most of the Unix kernel was rewritten in C - one of the first operating system kernels implemented in a language other than assembly. » LINUX TODAY IS BASED ON C A LOOK AT THE CODE: include main() puts ("your first C program") YEAR:1970 LANGUAGE: PASCAL The language was named for Blaise Pascal, credited for inventing the first adding machine in 1641. Niklaus Wirth created Pascal as a teaching tool and it grew to into widespread commercial use. ) Used by SKYPE (OBJECT PASCAL) A LOOK AT THE CODE: PROGRAM SageAdvice (OUTPUT) BEGIN URITELN('If you spent all those hours') URITELN('Learning C instead of Pascal') URITELN('you might have a job now. ') END- The first version oor ward of Word had 27.000 lines of code. Today, the current version of Office has over 30 mition YEAR: 1983 LANGUAGE: C++ From Bell Labs, Bjarne Stroustrup modified the C language to C++ and created what many consider the most popular programming language ever. It's been listed in the top ten programming languages since 1986 and achieved Hall of Fame status in 2003. » Used by MS OFFICE; ADOBE PDF READER; FIREFOX A LOOK AT THE CODE include a namespace stdi int main() cout<< "C++ is the grade you get when you're very, very slightly above average." < YEAR:2005 LANGUAGE:RUBY ON RAILS (Framework for programming language, Ruby) Ruby on Rails was extracted by David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp, a project management tool by 37signals. Hansson first released Ruby on Rails as open source in July 2004, but did not share commit rights to the project until February 3.0.7 and has more than 1,800 contributors. plcation for tthe Phone uses around 2 million lines of code t is now on version A LOOK AT THE CODE: def ction_link (name options) if options[:action) acurrent_action and optionsEIcontroller) == acurrent_controller link_to(name, options, class > 'on otiee end end PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE POPULARITY MAY 2011 RPG I SCHEME I TRANSACT/SOLI PASCAL ADA I LISP ASSEMBLY DELPHI LUA JAVASCRIPT RUBY PERL VISUAL (RASIC) PYTHON OBJECTIVE-C PHP C++ JAVA 5% 10 15% 20%

History of Computer Languages

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