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The History and Future of Online Backup

WHAT IS ONLINE BACKUP? Online Backup is the process of copying and storing data from computer or other means such that It could be used to restore compo- nent after a data loss event takes place. HISTORY OF DATA BACKUP 1775 Punch cards were used as a means of external storage and was incorporated in the first data storage device 1846 Punch Tapes 1951 Magnetic Tapes 1952 Tape Drive Backup Punch cards, tapes, magnetic tapes where replaced with tape drive. It was used until mid 1980s and seems to be successful data storage means. 1956 IBM Introduced Hard Drives and Disk-to-Disk Backup but It has a few disadvantages of high price, large size and low capacity. 1971 Hard drives were replaced with floppy disks Noo 1972 The drawbacks of floppy disk called for the introduction of CD-R/RW and DVD 1998 USB storage flash drives is a powerful force for data backup 2006 Blu-ray Disks and HD-DVD provides storage between 23GB and 54GB 2010 Cloud storage is the new generation On-line Backup Solutions WHAT PC USERS ARE AFRAID OF ? 80% 40% 30% 25% Hardware crash Software crash Human error Data or failure loss Corruption 20% 15% 10% Hardware Computer viruses or hacking Data Theft Destruction TYPES OF DATA DOCUMENTS MUSIC & AUDIO EMAILS & CONTACTS VIDEO PHOTOS & IMAGES TOP ONLINE BACKUP SERVICES cCloud ComodoBackup CARBONITEO Dropbox iCloud OneDrive Comodo Backup rellably copies your files to a safe place and keeps track of all the changes of those files. FEATURES OF ONLINE BACKUP It offers a junk file scanner to eliminate duplicate files Serves as an online drive that plays/edits videos and images Takes a backup of the required files over the Network drive, ex- ternal drive and even in the storage devices such as DVDS, CDs and USBS Keeps track of backup changes It offers automatic scheduler to run backup at any time Restores data at anytime with one click on button retrieval Data is automatically encrypted while sent over the internet Easily synchronize your data on different devices Provides help & support It provides backup space BENEFITS OF ONLINE BACKUP No need of external storage Drive such as CD/DVD, hard drive, etc Easy to use No technical experience required Saves cost and time RISK OF NOT USING ONLINE BACKUP Data recovery requires a huge sum of money There is a high chance of increase in the percentage of data loss GET 10 GB ONLINE STORAGE SPACE NOW HERE!

The History and Future of Online Backup

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Online backup is the contingency planning of storing valuable information at a safe place for future use. Data loss is a very likely possibility, and lack of backup can prove to a disastrous consequen...


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