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A Guide To Web Hosting

HOSTINGPROBLEMS.CO.UK A GUIDE to WEB HOSTING SHARED HOSTING VPS HOSTING DEDICATED HOSTING PRO'S PRO'S PRO'S THE MOST AFFORDABLE GOOD FOR MEDIUM SIZED GOOD FOR LARGE HOSTING E-COMMERCE STORE/SITE E-COMMERCE STORE/SITE IDEAL FOR PART TIME LESS EXPENSIVE THAN A THE FASTEST SOLUTION O BLOGGERS AND SMALL DEDICATED SERVER O AS YOU DO NOT SHARE BUSINESSES ANY RESCOURCES CON'S CON'S CON'S NOT AS POWERFUL O AND FAST AS A DISK SPACE AND THE MOST EXPENSIVE O BANDWIDTH IS OPTION TYPICALLY LOWER DEDICATED SERVER HARDER TO MAINTAIN O WITHOUT TECHNICAL CAN BE SLOWER IN SOME OF THE PERFORMANCE LOADING YOUR WEBSITE IS STILL SHARED ACROSS KNOWLEDGE ACCOUNTS SUCH AS CPU AS RESCOURCES AND RAM ARE SHARED SUMMARY SUMMARY SUMMARY If you are just looking for IF you are setting up a Having outgrown your shared hosting account as your website is sluggish and affecting fuctionality. VPS hosting would be the obvious choice. Generally a initial space to launch your peronsal blog (wordpress, joomla ect) or particulay large & complex eccomerce site or website then the most business brochure website powerful option is really then this would be the obvious choice what you need to handle websites with 500+ hits a the increased demand. day choose this option. Generally sites with 1000+ hits per day choose this. RESELLER HOSTING CLOUD HOSTING This hosting account allows Utilising a pool of servers as apposed to one fixed location, this style of hosting can be very robust and flexible. The use of mupliple servers makes it easily clients to become web hosts themselves. Essentially a client is given control of a large account which can itself be resold in the from of individual shared hosting. scalable based on rescouce size increases or sudden spikes in traffic. Uptime reliability is also increased.

A Guide To Web Hosting

shared by 8bitindustries on Feb 05
It can be very confusing to try and pick out the best web hosting so here is a clear guide to weigh up the pros and cons.


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