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The Great IT Freezeout

The Great IT FREEZEQUT iWorkers* love personal technology – smartphones, tablets, social and cloud-based applications. And now they are bringing them into the enterprise in droves, ushering in a new wave of consumerization of IT. Shockingly, IT departments are not keeping up with the trend. Consumerization of IT is ACCELERATING 40% of devices used to access business applications are personally owned, up 10 percentage points from 2010! 53% 51% 44% 35% iWorkers who use mobile devices as their primary work tools. iWorkers who thịnk PCs are the most critical devices for work. 2010 2011 2010 2011 (7% say the iPad will be their most important business device in 2012!) Social media and blogging in the enterprise are also on the rise. in gO Percentage of iWorkers using social media: 8% 20% 9% 13% 23% 31% 23% 33% 2010 | 2011 Facebook, MySpace 2010 | 2011 Twitter & other microblogs 2010 | 2011 LinkedIn, Plaxo, & similar 2010 | 2011 Blogs, Wikis, forums, message boards Personal time is disappearing iWorkers are emailing, posting, and tweeting for work anywhere and everywhere: 29% 40% talking on phone 47% riding in car (20% while driving!) 49% in bed on vacation worshipping IT is STRUGGLING to support and lead the trend 80% of IT decisionmakers say... Senior execs expect us to support consumer devices IT's workload is increasing with consumerization And IT is facing a growing gap in 4 critical areas: 1: AWARENESS IT underestimates personal device use by 50% or more! 34% use smart devices 69% IT thinks 6% use tablet PCs 13% iWorkers say 40% surf the web at work 70% 2: SUPPORT IT rates itself low on ability to support consumer devices and apps 2.9 LOW O... HIGH 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 "How well does IT support consumer devices and applications?" 3: APPLICATIONS IT is falling behind in modernizing customer-facing apps to work with mobile devices Have already modernized 6% Do not plan to modemize within year 89% 4: SECURITY IT is doing less than in 2010 to secure mobile devices 60% 46% 64% 52% 57% 48% 73% 52% 2010 | 2011 Published social media guidelines 2010 | 2011 Required employee training 2010 | 2011 Complex passwords 2010 | 2011 Single sign-on So, what are the BARRIERS to IT support? 83% of IT cited security concerns 56% etven vieses mentioned social network viruses 52% said developing support and management policies IT risks IRRELEVANCE 87% of IT decision makers say they continue to operate under the old model of purchasing standard technology for their employees Meanwhile, more than half of iWorkers are buying their own consumer devices for work, despite not being reimbursed: CIOECUD Personally acquired / not reimbursed 56% Employer purchased 15% é iPhone Personally acquired / not reimbursed 53% Employer purchased 13% é iPad Personally acquired/ not reimbursed 51% Employer purchased -14% 70% of IT rate their organizations as late/last adopters of new tech. They have become custodians instead of innovators! Visit the Consumer-Powered IT blog for more information: UNİSYS All statistics from Unisys-sponsored IDC 2011 Consumerization of IT Study: Closing the "Consumerization Gap," July 2011. *employees who use PCs, smartphones and/or tablets for work 17

The Great IT Freezeout

shared by kcatoto on Feb 01
The infographic illustrates the “Great IT Freezeout” that is taking place within organizations today. While iWorkers are increasingly purchasing and using mobile devices and social apps on their o...




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