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Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security

Google VERSUS facebook. on Privacy & Security With the launch of Google+, Google and Facebook now compete in even more areas than ever, such as. facebook. Google X M a * e GAMES MESSAGING / EMAIL E O INSTANT MESSAGING VIDEO CALLING n PHOTOS VIDEOS 1 CALENDAR INCOME Google $29.32 BILLION GOOGLE HAS ACQUIRED OVER 100 COMPANIES SINCE THEIR FOUNDING IN 1998. 2010 ACTUAL FACEBOOK HAS ACQUIRED 18 COMPANIES SINCE THEIR FOUNDING IN 2004. facebook. $4.27 BILLION 2011 ESTIMATE UNIQUE VISITORS Google 166.8 MILLION facebook. 156.3 MILLION By simply using these products you are placing your trust in these companies to protect your information. facebook. blocks anywhere from 250,000 to 600,000 hack attempts a day. Should You Be Trusting Them With Your Data? Google 8 SECURITY CHECKLIST facebook. A HTTPS:// ENABLED ON ENTIRE SITE YES, optional +1 YES, by default REMOTE LOGOUT YES +1 YES ADD YOUR MOBILE NUMBER for extra account security YES +1 YES TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION YES +1 YES SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY ALERTS YES +1 YES OFFERS TIPS ON CREATING PASSWORDS YES +1 YES That are better, and more secure STORES YOUR DATA FORA LIMITED TIME Google Stores Search results for 18 months. Facebook keeps all information forever. NO, FOREVER YES, 18 MONTHS Hacktivist group Anonymous had reportedly threatened to hack the Facebook network on November 5th, 2011 but #OP FB failed to follow through, meaning that Facebook is a target but your data is safe..for now. NOV 5, 11 Some hackers are looking to kill Facebook, but Anonymous has since claimed not to support their cause. A come on in. Google vs |CHINESE |HACKERS In 2009 a security hole was found in Facebook Search that allowed users to see any- thing in another user's "Basic Information" section, regard- less of their security settings. (this has since been fixed) In January of 2010, Google announced that it had been the target of a "highly sophisticated" and coordinated attack against its corporate network. It said the hackers had stolen intellectual property and sought access to the Gmail accounts of human rights activists. Google said the attack originated from China China has denied involvement in the attack. Google 8 PRIVA CHECKLIST facebook. ALLOWS COMPANION SITES TO SHARE INFO YES +1 NO Like what you're listening to, foursquare checkins, etc. ALLOWS USE OF A PSEUDONYM Aspects of this option could be both positive and negative. YES NO +1 BLOCK INDIVIDUALS FROM SEEING A POST YES NO SIMPLIFIED CONTACT ORGANIZATION Organize into groups. / Ability to message groups. YES...BUT IT'S COMPLICATED +1 YES STOPS TRACKING AFTER LOGOUT Your browsing stops tracking your other online activity. NO +1 YES SCANS YOUR CONTENT FOR KEYWORDS YES YES We probably wouldn't enjoy the sites as much without them doing this. Confirmed on Sept. the 24th Facebook was installing "super-cookies" on its users' com- puters at login which remain after you log out of Facebook. When you block someone on G+, your public updates and comments still show up on their page (you just don't see theirs). Google is our winner These cookies connect with Facebook Like buttons installed on any Website you visit and report your visit to that site back to Facebook. Also, there's no way of preventing other users from adding you to circles. (FOR NOW.) But the real votes are determined by the users. VERACODE developed by

Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security

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Whether you use Social Networks for games, video and photos, or just to re-connect with old friends, you should be aware of how your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is protected. This infogr...





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