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Give'Em What They Want: Data Inspired Content

DUN & BRADSTREET PRESENTS: THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER FOURTH IN A SERIES OF SIX INFOGRAPHICS GIVE 'EM WHAT THEY WANT: DATA-INSPIRED CONTENT DELIVERING THE RIGHT STUFF AT THE RIGHT TIME TO BUILD BETTER RELATIONSHIPS WITH CUSTOMERS THROUGHOUT THEIR BUYING JOURNEVS. 87% OF B2B MARKETERS SAY THEY STRUGGLED TO PRODUCE CONTENT THAT TRULY ENGAGES THEIR BUYERS.' 75% OF B2B BUYERS RELY MORE ON CONTENT TO RESEARCH AND MAKE B2B PURCHASING DECISIONS THÂN THEY DID A YEAR AGO.² IT STARTS WITH THE DATA Marketers today are as involved in data, science and algorithms as they are creative, campaigns and commercials. With good reason: Data is the starting point to find out where your customers are and what they need. 48% OF MARKETERS SUPPORT 3 TO 5 BUYING STAGES WITH DEDICATED CONTENT.³ BUILD THE FOUNDATION Best Time Machine Middle Ages SEARCH RESULTS: Collect and clean your owned and third-party data New trends in Middle Ages Time Travel: A report by Tom's Time Machines Build a 360-degree view of the buying process * Locate your customer Build models that help you react to your data Activate marketing automation that incorporates this smarter, harder-working data into your campaigns and initiatives FOLLOW THE DATA High-priced, high-end content has little value when customers don't find it relevant, and even less value when delivered through the wrong channel. A customer-centric experience uses data to optimize marketing automation software and strategy, putting useful content into the customer's hands, at the right time, using the right channel. START FINISH CUSTOMERS ARE ALREADY 57% THROUGH THE PROCESS BEFORE EVER CONTACTING A VENDOR“ KNOW YOUR Understand |your customer's buyer behavior AUDIENCE What are their needs and motivations? What information do they need to make decisions? 66% OF BUVERS STRONGLY AGREE THAT B2B VENDORS SHOULD STOP OVERLOADING CONTENT WITH COPY/SMALL PRINT TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THEIR MESSAGE.³ THE RIGHT CONTENT BUSINESS BUYERS SHARE THE FOLLOWING CONTENT TYPES Engage with customers via dynamic personalization and simplified web forms WITH COLLEAGUES:2 40% BLOG POSTS Personalize content for each unique experience 39% INFOGRAPHICS Focus on quality and relevance 37% VIDEOS Embrace original and third-party 34% WHITE PAPERS content 29% CASE STUDIES Make it sharable 29% EBOOKS Leverage your influencers to write content 27% WEBINARS Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose! THE RIGHT CHANNEL The channel is almost as important as the message TOM'S TIME MACHINES Engage visitors with content relevant to industry, region Hi Belle! Welcome to The International Time Travel Show. Be sure to visit our booth. Here's our list of top speakers and events. Hi Belle! How was the show? We'd like to share our report on what's happening right now in the wormhole technology sector. MEASURE AND OPTIMIZE Marketing automation systems work harder when fed with the right data. Piping in clean and accurate data enables relevant and engaging content that speaks to your customers' and prospects' needs. To ensure you're building the right customer relationships, measure, ииnh re-evaluate and collaborate. If the mix doesn't work, change the portfolio and reassess delivery and production. Don't be afraid to talk to your customers. HHAT'S UP NEXT? THERE ARE TWO MORE WAYS DATA CAN HELP CMOS OWN THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. EXPLORE EACH OF THEM IN UPCOMING INSTALLMENTS OF THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER INFOGRAPHIC SERIES. GOING MOBILE How mobile and social data can help your business get a better picture of your customer when they are on the move. THE SALESPERSON AS CUSTOMER HERO Effective salespeople make for happy customers and good marketers make for effective salespeople. Find out how marketing teams can manage data in ways that help sales serve clients with sales acceleration tools. FOR MORE INFORMATION For more on how Dun & Bradstreet can help you thrive in the Age of the Customer, visit SOURCES 1. 2.(Results for a response of "frequently") short-visual-mobile-optimized-content.html#.VSrNGxfsdem 3. 4.CEB Global 5. short-visual-mobile-optimized-content.html#.VSrPZBfsdemt

Give'Em What They Want: Data Inspired Content

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Delivering The Right Stuff at The Right Time to build better relationships with customers. Throughout their buying Journeys






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