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The Future of the Internet of Things

xively TM by LogMeln FUTURE E) Dof the Internet of Things 9 The Internet is currently a human-to-human affair, OPbut that is CHANGING. The Internet of Things is EVERYTHING to EVERYTHING A communication. Among product WHAT & WHY manufacturers and TO businesses, the Internet of Things will WHEN & HOW be transitioning from -95% Expect their company to be using the loT in three years' time 63% Believe that companies slow to integrate the loT will fall behind the competition *What are C-level -58% Would like to see government doing more to promote development and adoption of the loT executives saying about loT? -45% Believe adopting the loT will make their company more environmentally friendly 'How will the loT change the way your company operates? 30% It will unlock new revenue opportunities from existing products/services 29% It will inspire new working practices or business processes 23% It will change our existing business model or business strategy 23% 17% It will spark a new wave of innovation It will lower our cost base 16% 13% It will allow us to enter into new markets or industries It will encourage greater investments in technology 9% It will not change the way we conduct our business in a meaningful way 8% It will expose us to greater competition from start-ups in the industry 7% It will lead to greater cooperation with our competitors 74% 1.2 TO 14.4 TRILLION loT Potential Revenue of C-level executives say that loT will play a large role in their businesses in the next 3 years. 404 BILLION 2013 Total Spending for IT Equipment “Global Internet INTERNET OF THINGS 40 Billion Devices Device Forecast in Use by 2020 INTERNET OF THINGS 8 Billion Devices in Use by 2014 TABLETS 9 Billion Devices in Use by 2018 TABLETS 6 Billion Devices in Use SMARTPHONES 8 Billion Devices in Use by 2018 by 2014 SMARTPHONES 5 Billion Devices in Use by 2014 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2016 2017 2018 'There will be as many as There will be 40 TO 80 BILLION 10 connected objects for every man, woman, and child connected objects by 2020. on the PLANET. Through the power of smart devices, people will not only PEOPLE consume data, but contribute ARE observed data to the loT through their phones and tablets as "THINGS", 66 Y human sensors TOO! O Organizations will How will the predictively meet business needs through loT transform intelligent, automated action driven by previously inaccessible insights from the physical world. business? 3. Connected Business Monitors Business predicts 4 refrigerator in lab dispenses instantly recognizes refrigerator for signs of failure and proactively the next experiments based on enzyme enzymes to scientists, revenue and usage, alerts scientist to new restocks fixes issues accelerating experiments enzymes as needed enzyme lines The Internet of Things transforms businesses into proactive, autonomic organizations that predict and fix potentially disruptive issues, evolve operations, delight users & customers while increasing the bottom line. Visit to learn more about how our solutions can help you transform your business through the Internet of Things. "The Economist Intalligence Unit The Internat Things Business Index A Quet Rovolution Gathers Pace O The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited, 2013 "Business Insider Hera's Why The Internat Of Things' Will Be Huge, And Drive Tramendous Valus For Poople And Businesses, Docember 7, 2013 *Digital Stratogy Consulting Tha Internet of Things: 80bn 'things connected to the Intemat by 2020, October 9, 2013 The

The Future of the Internet of Things

shared by Xively on Mar 18
The Internet of Things is rapidly transitioning from “What” and “Why” to “When” and “How.” Xively has created an infographic on the future of the IoT that combines industry research wi...


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