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Four Great Reasons for Freelancers to Use Contracts

BusinessIntegrity. Four Great Reasons for Freelancers to Use Contracts o Even though contracts are among the most valuable tools available to freelancers, some people are hesitant to use them. A freelance worker might fear driving away customers once a contract is involved or they might hesitate because they are not sure how to create one. Given that approximately 53 million Americans are now freelance workers - that is one in three workers! – the time has come to give contracts a closer look. A contract template from Business Integrity simplifies the creation process and helps ensure that all your bases are covered. This is reason enough to start using templates, though if you need more reasons, here are four good ones. ATH 53 million Contracts Put It All In Writing Contracts are valuable legal documents that clearly outline what each party's responsibilities are. This means there is no question about what work is going to be done, when it is going to be completed by, and where the responsibilities of the freelancer end. Putting specifics down in a contract will help prevent misunderstandings that can delay or even destroy an otherwise promising project. Contracts Are for Everyone All freelancers can benefit from contracts. In fact, if you do any work professionally, you ought to be familiar with these tools. Use a contract template if you provide work such as: </> www Website Programming Layout or design designing Technical drawing Drafting Digital or traditional publishing Consulting Contracts Protect Your Interests By taking the time to outline exactly what your obligations to a particul accusations of having left certain aspects undone. A contract clarifies the expectations of all parties and makes it clear from the outset exactly what services are being contracted for. ject are, you are protecting yourself from 100 100 Contracts Are a Standard Part of Doing Business Using a contract demonstrates a higher level of commitment to your work and to the clients you serve. People will take the work you do more seriously as a result of having a contract. Increasingly, clients expect to sign a contract so not having one can potentially reflect poorly on your business. Get Started Using Contracts Today O Contract templates make it easy to begin using contracts right away. See for yourself how contracts can elevate your business. START UP!

Four Great Reasons for Freelancers to Use Contracts

shared by businessintegrity33 on Jan 22
Contracts are valuable tools for freelancers. While many freelancers fear the idea of a contract, we have four reasons to consider creating a contract.


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