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Fonts: What Are YOU Lookin At?

6ON PANTS. Fe FONTSTS What is a font? Everyone Has a Favorite. Sources: č,, d. drew design Traditionally, a complete set of characters for one typeface at one particular type size. Today often used as a synonym for "typeface". In fact a typeface like Helvetica Roman becomes a font when it is converted to a file format installable on a computer, then called e. g., Helvetica Roman PC TT. If a picture paints words, a font displays emotion. FUN Font Fonts can have different formats (OpenType, TrueType, PostScript) and be for different platforms (Windows, Mac oS), and the organization of the file varies depending on both. Facts The word "Helvetica" is the Latin word for "Swiss". What is a font family? CAP HEIGHT ASCENDER LINE Georgia got its name from the tabloid headline "Alien heads found in Georgia". Regltx BOWL ASCENDER All the related variants of one typeface design, for example, different weight variants, width variants, upright, italic, bold, etc. The most common font family consists of the plain, italic, bold and bold italic weights. COUNTER CROSSBAR At any less than 4 pixels high fonts begin to become unreadable. STEM EAR X-HEIGHT Auto kerning was one of the main reasons investigators knew the CBC/Bush memos were fake. DESCENDER-LOOP BASELINE SERIF APEX While writing is about 30,000 years old the modern movable-type system is only about 500. DESCENDER LINE In 2004, Congress gave approval to update federal road signs from Highway Gothic to ClearviewHwy. MOST COMMON FONTS ON ALL SYSTEM FONTS AITS FONTS ONTS PLATFORM AND FONT NAME INSTALLED (%) PLATFORM AND FONT NAME INSTALLED (%) Helvetica 100.00% Times 98.07% Lucida Grande 100.00% Arial 97.80% windows Tahoma 99.90% Verdana 97.52% Century Schoolbook L URW Chancery L Verdana 99.76% umix 97.43% FONIS Courier New 99.71% unix 97.43% Microsoft Sans Serif 99.66% unix URW Gothic L 97.43% Times New Roman 99.57% URW Bookman L 97.11% Geneva 99.45% unix Nimbus Mono L 96.46% mac Sylfaen Georgia Monaco 99.45% 96.00% UChet Arial 99.42% 95.87% Trebuchet MS 99.37% MV Boli 95.62% Lucida Console 99.23% Helvetica Neue 95.59% Comic Sans MS 99.13% unix URW Palladio L 95.50% Impact 99.04% Times New Roman 95.04% Georgia 98.99% Estrangelo Edessa 94.94% un/X Courier 98.90% Mangal 94.80% THE VORLD'S NET OS. Lucida Sans Unicode 98.75% Trebuchet MS 94.77% unix linux Palatino Linotype 98.75% Latha 94.51% Lahome Arial Black Tunga Gautami 98.46% 94.46% Franklin Gothic Medium 98.07% 94.42% Timpy आin® New Roman GautarungaE Moșt common Oivotica Thon Halvette kudida Grando Paktine Hrekaum fonts for 7245% 74.07 \79.06% 79.61% 85,95% BrushiaMT 100% Geneva Monaco DIcida 86.50% consble Mac Marker Felt - 87.60% 87.05% Big Caslor Courier 96.45% 88.98% 88.71% 88.43% Times Hoefler Text- pacBetunider American Typewriter 98.90% 98.07% Papyrus Didot Zaphin Arial LEngacto 89.26% Baskerville- Copperplate 97.80% 97.529 95.87% 95.59% 95.04% 94.77% 94,21% 90.08% Gargia Optima 90.36% Bvetica Neue MicrosoftSans Seri 90.63% ी Courter NewoTimesNewoman Verdana 90.91% 91.469 92.56% 91.18% Tahoma कि AndEdh Arl ELLIebuchet MS Most common fonts for 92.01% Ludida Console Aud A C ন 99.90% ComieSans MS LImpact Lucida Sans Unicode no Linotype Gsargh 99.76% 99.71% 99.66% 99.57% 99.42% 99.37% 99.23% 99.13% 99.04% Am Black Gante SinS Arial Rounded MiB Kitten 98.99 98.75% 98.46% 98.07% Windows Rrankin Gothic Medium Sylfaen FrenchiptMT 61.92% MV Boli 62.69% 96.00% Papyrus 63.51% 63.26% 95.62% Estrangelo Edessa Mangal 94.94% 94.80% 94.51% 94.46% 94.42% 94.32% 94.27% 64.08% Latha Arial Unicode MS Tunga Gautami Shruti 67.98% Raavi Haetterh 71.55% ntoSaS ConturySchoolbookL URWChancery URW GothieL Most common fonts for 88.93% 88.06% 82.47% ArtNarrow Sa ट 87.14% URWBookman L 60.45% 61.09% 61.74% 62.38% 63.02% 97.43% 97.11% 85.70% 86.66% 87.05% 86.09%6 y Gothic Verdang Nimbus Mono L artiko Linux Unix Times New Roma URW Palladio L 64.63% 96.46% Courier New 65.92% Dejavu Sans Mono 95.50% Nimbus SansL 67.52% 93.90% 93.75% 93.57% Arial- Nimbus Roman No9L 71.54% Bitstream Charter Dejavu Sans Liberation Sans 72.66% 72.36% 73.63% V73.44% 91.06% 91.02% DvuSans Light FreeSans Liberation Mone Liberation Serif Bitstream Vera 88.76% 86.33% 77.46% 81.71% 80.39% 81.679o 81.30% 83.15% PINFO BatdBgh Dejavuseif Courter 10Pitch sCendund SansMone Bahuundnd Bistream VeaS un/X THE WORLD'STERNET OS. LINUK LHE MOKTD 2 EEKZEL 02

Fonts: What Are YOU Lookin At?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Everyone has a favorite font style. If a picture paints words, a font displays emotion. Find out the most common fonts used on all system.Check this out!


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